I know you’re not supposed to tell a man what to do. It’s often a waste. But what I’ve learned is that smart men listen to women.

So I’m not telling you what to do. I am only telling you what you NEED to do in order to live a better life.

While the average woman can’t find a man who will give her money or invest in her, there are actually tons of men who are real life tricks.

Why are they tricks? Because they give money to basic chicks, expecting something impossible in return.

Abundant and affluent men want women to look at them as providers, but that’s not how basic chicks look at provider men. They are basic because their value isn’t that high. Yet many provider men get with such women thinking that she’s going to be impressed with him. He also hopes to change her life and turn her into a boss chick.

Each time it tends to backfire.

First of all, being a boss chick is A LOT of mental work.  It takes a certain kind of woman to be willing to deal with the day to day pressures of providing for herself.  Other women have men who 100% provide and those women don’t work at all. Their mind and the mind of a boss chick are two different things. One creates and the other is a great receiver of masculine energy.

How many men have you met who can pull up their Cashapp and show you ALL of the women they’ve sent money to?

Did you see the joy of his face for being a foolish man? Did you hear his pride swell as he talked about what bums most of the women were?

Did you wonder why he didn’t have enough sense to give that money to a boss chick?

It’s because he’s in his ego, and wanting to be captain save a basic chick.

Instead he needs to give that money to a boss chick who is doing something.

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