Meagan Good’s Dating Life Has Turned Into A ” Dizaster” literally…. She’s dating a battle rapper

by | Celebrity LOVE

It appears that Meagan Good is off the market for all of the men who were sitting on the side patiently waiting for never to come. LOL Men LOVE watching their crush online, but never making moves.

Battle rapper Dizaster has reportedly swept Meagan off her feet just a few months after she split from her husband, DeVon Franklin.

According to MTO News, she is already dating another man.

Sources close to both Meagan, 40, and Dizaster, 37, tell MTO News that the two are smitten with each other after working out together in a sweltering gym in L.A.


Dizaster posted two photos that show them relaxing after a strenuous workout together in Los Angeles.

He captioned the images: “Twitter People… How mad are u on a scale of 1 to infinity?”

Not much is known about Dizaster. He is a battle rapper with about 6,000 Twitter followers.

Meagan’s male fans were just as confused when the pics came out.  While some refused to believe that Disaster was romantically tied to the “35 & Ticking’ Actress. (watch that movie)

A few were generally happy for the fellow.

At the moment Dizaster has almost 6,000 Twitter followers and has his own podcast. Perhaps Megan let him take the pic to promote. This doesn’t look like dating. If so I would definitely appear that Megan who is literally a Goddess,  is unnecessarily trying too hard and may need to go back to Jesus and her beloved husband. To go from a well-known pastor to a barely known battle rapper is a deep jump. Even the blue outfit…. says a lot about FREEDOM.

My senses are telling me that Megan is on a journey fighting to find herself and desires to break free from all expectations and conformity.  I wish her the best of luck with that. But I’m not voting for Disaster at this moment.

Others are hoping she goes for more of a Russell Wilson type… We shall see.