There is nothing like an international pandemic to show women how a man truly feels about her. 

The average woman right now is faced with fear, anxiety and tiredness, because she simply doesn’t know what to do.

Therefore she feels unsafe. 

Kings are aware of this and will intentionally show up in your life RIGHT NOW with EXTRA effort to motivate you to push through.  The ones who really care about you will ask how you are doing, ask if you need anything and PROVIDE you with those things. 

Now, this all comes to down femininity and walking in your purpose. Men help women who walk in their purpose.  Men who vibe high that is. If you don’t have men checking on you right now it’s because you need to work on your femininity and you don’t have my book “You Can’t Force A Man To Value You.” or you haven’t raised your vibration, which also means you don’t have my book that teaches you how to manifest the money, the man and the business that you want. 

Now, some men have truly stepped up in my life.  They are the ones who made me take note of how they were nurturing me.   1 man has been kind of iffy, and the other hasn’t checked on me, but he’s definitely checking for another woman.  Always be aware that HE is checking for another woman, if it’s not you.  I am going to remember that when this is over and I am shining like the star that I AM.   These dudes will fall asleep on you sometimes when you hide…..  So when you hide, be aware that the little boys fall asleep.  You awaken them at will. 

But back to these Kings who are showing up and didn’t sleep on the Queen Goddess.  I came to remind you that YES YOU DO NEED A MAN. 

Boss chicks most certainly don’t need a man for money. You know how to make your own money.  But boy oh boy, do I appreciate a brilliant man showing up for me, spoiling me, treating me like a Queen in every way and giving me money too. 

However what we really need from a man is love, motivation, support and nurturing.  When we are loved our businesses prosper a lot faster.  Once again, true KINGS understand this. 

So if you have some KINGS in your life who are not showing up for you, also take note that you are not his type.  It doesn’t matter why. Just move along. 

Make a decision to get yourself a real man with plans to prosper you.  For a shortcut, work with me.   If not, you’ll be listening to information online, thinking you know it all, and Sis, let me tell you a truth.  Us knowledge droppers are filled with divine knowledge. Some of it we only release to our clients. 

Later Loves. 

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