A friend called me today.  She said ‘Did you hear about the influencer that just died?”  I said “No. Who?” She says “Kevin Samuels.”

Image Consultant Kevin Samuels passed away at age 56.

Kevin Samuels was best known for his misogynistic views on women and Black women, in particular, was reportedly found unresponsive in his home.

News of his death spread like wildfire on social media where he was trending on Twitter. Many users spoke their minds and shared mixed reviews of Samuels’ passing. See what they had to say below.

Kissy's Thoughts

Sometimes I don’t know if I belong on this earth. To see so many people celebrating that man’s death as if he didn’t tell A LOT of truths, bothers me.

For one, it’s not like the women calling into his shows wanted to be talked to with self-respect. He gave them what they wanted. To be talked down to and told they weren’t good enough by a popular black man.

They wanted attention.

There are tons of relationship coaches in the world. I mean REAL ONES. Not the ones named Derrick that brilliantly cater to black women and tell them half truths, that keep them from discovering their own truths.

See what I mean. Black women loved to be pandered to. Cause telling us the truth about ourselves hurts. It hurts so bad that when the black woman tells her TRUTH about how men treat her, no one wants to hear it.


But let Kissy Denise pull up telling black women to raise their heads, own their power, love on themselves and go get themselves that high value man they always dreamed of, and suddenly there is a crowd of people popping up to say none of those things are possible, except for maybe the baddest of chicks.

My point being, maybe everyone does their best to uplift a community that avoids enlightenment.

I didn’t like half of Kevin Samuels said, nor did I agree with half of what he said, but the man was funny AF.

A soul passed. No need to laugh. No need for tears either. My abusive ex from a long time ago passed away, and I definitely didn’t cry, nor did I celebrate. I simply noticed LIFE.

Not that I or anyone can tell you how to mourn the loss of someone you didn’t like, but yikes, we’re living in a world where no one cares about the living nor the dead.

Personally I think it’s a death hoax. But the mindset that has been reflected from the story…

What are your thoughts?