Kevin Gates Says Wife Dreka Manifests All of His Visions For Him

by | Celebrity LOVE

Kevin Gates is a very strange man. In one area the man is absolutely talented and brilliant. In another area the man is crazy.

Today we are going to discuss the brilliant half of the artist.

I was on Youtube and randomly came across this Complex interview of Kevin Gates saying that his wife Dreka manifests all of his ideas forward for him. I’ve seen parts of the interview before, (I be busy minding my business) today I glimpsed a new part.

This part is about the way Kevin feels about his wife. Not only did Kevin state that his wife didn’t just support him, but SHE BUILT HIM. But he credits her with getting him to where he is today.

He also said that Dreeka let him hit his head and run the streets freely but told him that he’s just killing himself, and one day he got exhausted and stopped.

They also discussed soul ties, energy in food preparation and the results of a man making his woman happy.


What’s fascinating is that HE knows his woman’s power. Gucci Mane also appears to know. But most men are clueless as to a woman’s power. In fact they try to diminish it, instead of honoring it and allowing her power to propel him to the top… Then again, some men somewhat know and they meet unsuspecting women, drain them for all of their energy as the woman builds them up, then leaves for another woman.

Kevin on the other hand is still with Dreka… Obviously he feels like HE NEEDS HER.

What are your thoughts on this interview? (P.S. I am not into voodoo. Spirit simply lead me to post this video. There is a lesson to be learned about how Dreka has learn how to fit into Kevin’s life. She’s not only his woman, but she’s his life coach.)