Kanye West Bragged About Cheating On Kim K By Hooking Up With Christina Milian

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Kanye talks and people tell. He needs to have more NDA’s signed in his presence.

In the latest news it’s being reported that, after Kanye admitted to cheating on Kim Kardashian in an outburst during his 2016 tour, Kanye also “bragged” about having sex with singer Christina Milian.

Kanye West “bragged about hooking up with Christina Milian” during a tour outburst in which he also admitted to cheating on estranged wife Kim Kardashian, a source has exclusively told The Sun.

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It is not known if he cheated on Kardashian with Milian, now 39, but he apparently admitted to have had a brief sex session years ago, the insider claimed.

A source previously told The Sun the dad-of-four admitted during the tour to sleeping with groupies behind Kardashian’s back, and was “flipping out”.

The famous rapper, who was joined on tour by the singer in 2004, and collaborated with her four years later, allegedly revealed the fling during his Saint Pablo Tour in 2016.

Now the source said: “Kanye was blurting it all out during the conversation which was only witnessed by members of his team.

“He was opening up about cheating on Kim and freaking out, and then he suddenly announced he hooked up with Christina Milian.

“Kanye was boastful and saying how good the sex was, albeit very brief after a night out at a club.

“He didn’t go into detail about when and where it was, but mentioned Nick Cannon and bro code, as if he didn’t really want him to know.”

The insider continued: “It seemed it was all in the past, but he just wanted to spill his secrets, he was getting really manic.

‘Kanye being Kanye’

“His team were laughing and didn’t really know what to say, in a way it wasn’t too surprising, just Kanye being Kanye.

“I don’t know how Christina would feel though if she knew he was going around talking about bedding her, but at least he was complimentary.”

The source concluded: “Nobody knows if Kim is aware they hooked up, but it’s clear they were close for years and worked together.”

Kanye and Christina

West, now 44, and Milian have been pictured numerous times since the early 2000s.

The singer scored an opening slot on his Truth tour with Usher in 2004, and later collaborated with West on her track Diamonds in 2008.

“I’m really excited about that. I think he’s an awesome artist,” she told MTV News about the song ahead of its release at the time.

She added: “It kind of just happened. We happened to be in the same studio. I asked him to come in, and he heard it and got on it immediately. I’m glad I got to have him a part of my album.”

Christina Milian isn’t sweating those Kanye West cheating rumors. The 39-year-old proved her family unit is as strong as ever amid speculation she hooked up with the Donda rapper.

Taking to her social media, the Resort to Love actress flaunted her solid family life at home with her husband, French singer Matt Pokora.

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