A Glittering Goodbye: The End of Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert’s Marriage (Divorce settlement finalized)

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In a dazzling twist of fate, the curtain falls on Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert’s seven-year love story. A marriage that started with infidelity and ended with a touch of bitterness on the man’s behalf.

Their divorce settlement has been finalized by a Fulton County judge. While the sparkle of their union may have dimmed, the couple has ensured their financial empires still shine brighter than ever.

Let’s break down this Hollywood couple’s divorce. 

The couple, married in 2016 and share two daughters..Taylor reportedly filed for divorce in January 2023, eight months before announcing that she and Shumpert had separated. Although Taylor wanted to keep the pending divorce private, it went public when Shumpert used their full names in a court filing, with the A Thousand and One star accusing Shumpert of cheating, mental abuse, and showing neglectful behavior around their children.

In the divorce proceedings between Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert, Iman initially requested that the court recognize the significant income disparity between him and Teyana. He claimed that her earnings were nearly double his own, with Teyana making approximately $93,885 monthly compared to his $47,981. Iman argued that despite his substantial NBA career earnings, his income had significantly decreased post-retirement, and he had been consistently paying $8,000 per month in child support for their two daughters​.

Teyana also claimed that Iman had withdrawn nearly $4 million from their joint accounts and left her responsible for $200,000 in home renovation costs. These financial disputes added complexity to their already heated legal battle, alongside accusations from Teyana of mental and emotional abuse​ (Bossip)​​ 

Taylor’s Empire:

Teyana Taylor, a powerhouse in her own right, walks away with 100% ownership of her thriving businesses, Taylormade and Auntie’s. This strategic move cements her control over her entrepreneurial ventures, ensuring her influence continues to grow. Taylor’s net worth, a staggering $5 million, reflects her unstoppable drive and visionary approach to business.

Shumpert’s Shimmering Investments:

Iman Shumpert, the basketball star with a flair for smart investments, retains all his Shumpert Shump ventures. Though the specifics remain under wraps, it’s whispered that his portfolio is as diverse and dynamic as his career on the court. With a net worth of $30 million, Shumpert’s financial future looks nothing short of golden.

Teyana’s Wealth Wins

In the judge’s ruling, obtained by The Jasmine Brand, Teyana Taylor has been awarded four key marital properties. These properties, valued at over $10 million, are significant assets from their shared estate. Additionally, Iman Shumpert has been ordered to make a one-time seven-figure payment to Taylor.

Iman, who currently stars on “The Chi,” will retain his luxurious Miami condo and will also keep ownership of his South Georgia Compound and Decatur, Georgia Compound.

Child Support and Education:

A notable aspect of the settlement is the monthly child support payment. Iman Shumpert is required to pay $8,000 per month in child support. Furthermore, he has been mandated by the court to cover 100% of the private school fees for both of their daughters.

Personal Property:

In terms of personal property, Teyana Taylor has been awarded a collection of vehicles, including a Maybach, a Mercedes Sprinter, a tour bus, and her prized Bronco truck. Additionally, Taylor retains all her jewelry.

Business Ownership:

A critical component of the settlement is Taylor’s retention of 100% ownership of her companies, Taylormade and Auntie’s, which will remain under her control. Meanwhile, In parallel, Shumpert will retain ownership of all his investments in Shumpert Shump. While the exact details of these investments were not made public, they are presumed to encompass a wide-ranging portfolio across different sectors.

A New Beginning:

As they finalize their divorce, Taylor and Shumpert bring a close to a chapter filled with love, creativity, and growth. While their paths may diverge, their individual successes promise to keep them both firmly in the spotlight. Here’s to wishing them both the best as they embrace their new journeys, their stars continuing to shine brightly in their own right.

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