Atlanta Woman Finds Out Husband Of 27 Years Recently Married Another Woman

by | Divorce

I came across the most fascinating post on Facebook…   The post can’t be found anywhere, other than in a few groups.

An anonymous woman went on Facebook telling all of her “friends” business inside of groups.  She says her “friend” learned that her husband of 27-years recently got married.

The story starts when said friend runs into the “friend” and begins to “catch up.”

The woman who was in mediation and set to divorce her husband and split the assets equally found out In October her husband had already moved on mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

She learned her husband “Toney” recently celebrated a marriage to his new wife ‘Kwinettaion’ on September 9, 2023.

The wife found out while she was going through Toney’s financial paperwork that had been given to her by Toney’s lawyer. In the paperwork she noticed several Zelle payments to a “Kwinettaion.”  Like any smart woman would she goes to type the name into Facebook and BOOM, sees this wedding announcement for a chapel in Atlanta.

The Pristine Chapel Lakeside made a post on September 20, congratulating the couple and announcing their nuptial date.

Even worse, she learns that her husband and his new wife have been together for 5-years and have a 4-5 year old daughter together.

Prior to finding out, the husband Toney had talked his first wife into selling their $300K property and using the proceeds to pay off debts that she knew nothing about and pay for his wedding to his new wife.

Here are screenshots below of the story:

ALL of the original posts were deleted from the Chapel’s page, and the friend deleted her post, because she was talking in a GROUP, not knowing groups are not as private as you think they are and the wife found out, so she deleted the post. Yet schreenshos were taken.

Google also shows the Chapel once had a post up congratulating Kwinettaion.

Now the only reason I am writing this post is to give you ladies some game.

Toney has embarrassed two women, one of which is definitely a 6 figure boss chick in ATL (Kwinttation).  While I don’t know his last name (at the moment) Kwinettaion can’t hide because her mom gave her such a unique name.  Even though she has deactivated her FB page and went into hiding online, hoping this will all go away, it’s now picking up and going viral in groups.

This man Toney has left one BOSS CHICK and married another unsuspecting boss chick.  WHY? He’s using women for MONEY.

Another thing is how was he able to have a whole other family and a whole other life?  Probably because his wife trusted him, wasn’t spying on him and obviously wasn’t questioning his time away from her, which was plenty. She obviously never checked his phone. The friend even said she was a submissive, amazing wife.

Take what you want from this story, but being in a 50/50 relationship rarely works out for successful women. It allows men to use you.

Anyway 9/10, I would bet that Kwinttation is still married to him despite all of the embarrassment.

The embarrassment doesn’t belong to the women. It belongs to him, but like I said, we currently don’t have Toney’s last name…