Single Mother Surprises Her 9-Year-Old Daughter With Her Own Vending Machine Company

by | Boss Babes

While many of us were raised with single mothers who didn’t own businesses and had to learn wealth and entrepreneurship on our own, the scope in black America has changed.

Many entrepreneurs are now teaching their children how to become successful business owners before they even turn 18-years old.


Dr. Amy Rucker, a business coach and marketplace minister from Las Vegas, NV decided to turn her 9-year-old daughter into a CEO.

She wrote:

🚨🎉🚨🎉🚨 IT’S OFFICIAL 🚨🎉🚨🎉🚨🎉
My baby is the owner of a vending machine company. I wanted to teach her business and thought this would be a great place to start. 🙌🏾🥰💐🎉 Help me celebrate this 9 year old future CEO.

Her mother Dr. Amy Rucker said:

“I know Inflation is high and this is a way to drive additional revenue and teach my 9-year-old daughter about generational wealth”

In addition to her vending machine business, 9-year-old Zuri is already a published author after being inspired watching her mom, speak all around the world.  

Zuri’s Affirmation Alphabet Book inspires little girls to believe in themselves. 

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