Divorce: Deelishis Reacts To Fans Saying She Used Husband For $8.2 Million Settlement

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Love is in the air, and then it’s gone.  Tis the way most relationships go.

Deelishis wants her haterfans to know she’s not a “gold-digger.”

In her latest statement regarding her divorce from her husband, Raymond Santana. The former “Flavor of Love” star recently shared a message in regards to why her relationship ended.

Deelishis took to her Instagram story to address Internet chatter that sparked earlier this week after she blasted Santana with infidelity accusations. News then surfaced that Santana asked Deelishis for a divorce.


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Spectators accused Deelishis of “deserving” heartbreak for allegedly “preying” on Raymond. Backstory: Raymond is part of the   “Exonerated Five,” a group of friends from New York City who were wrongly convicted and then later awarded a settlement check.

Bossip Reports:

Deelishis Shuts Down “Settlement Swindler” Nickname After Being Accused Of Draining Raymond Santana’s Pockets

A handful of tweets referred to Deelishis as the “settlement swindler,” accusing the star of being with Raymond Santana for his settlement money, but she doesn’t find it funny. In 2014, Santana was awarded $8.2 million of a $41 million settlement awarded to the “Exonerated Five.” Deelishis denied that she married Raymond to spend his settlement check in an Instagram story.

“He isn’t broke & he left me, not the other way around. So please find a different narrative…gold digger does not apply in this case. I had my own when I met him, and I’ll continue having my own now that he’s gone.”

Deelishis sprinkled in a bit of sarcasm at the close of her message to seemingly show the internet chatter doesn’t hurt her.

“Signed, ‘Platinum Digger D’”


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Raymond Santana Says There’s “No Hope Of Reconciliation” In Deelishis Divorce

Raymond claims in the divorce documents that his marriage is “irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.” The filing also revealed the couple had been separated since November 7th, 2021. Deelishis seems to be onboard with Raymond’s divorce decision since she also filed an agreement with the court to resolve most of the legal issues between them amicably, agreeing that neither party would pay the other alimony.

Kissy's Thoughts

I’m not going to say she used him. But I will say without that check, NO, Deelishis wouldn’t have married him. The check/money access to a higher caliber of women, just like it does for any other successful man.

Just like in any relationship, money and material things are not enough to keep anyone together. It also doesn’t equal compatibility.