Divorce at 60 – ‘En Vogue’ Singer Cindy Herron Files For Divorce From MLB Star Husband After 29 Years of Marriage

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‘En Vogue’ singer Cindy Herron is calling it quits from MLB star husband, Glenn Braggs, 59, after being married for almost three decades.

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Cindy Herron-Braggs, 60. filed for dissolution of marriage in Los Angeles County Courts citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. Shockingly, the singer and her baseball star husband have been married for over 29 years.

As you know, it’s been over 30 years since the legendary R&B group ‘En Vogue’ was formed, taking the 90’s music scene by storm. The original members included Cindy, Terry Ellis, Maxine Jones, and Dawn Robinson.

The former couple shares four children together Donovan, Jordan, Natalia, and Solomon. It should be noted, that three of the kids are now adults, so it won’t factor in the divorce. The couple has been married for so long, that it is unclear if they signed anything like a prenuptial agreement going into the relationship. But, since they were together for so long, most likely they will split everything financially down the middle.

Cindy’s husband, Glenn Braggs, is a former MLB star that made history in one of the craziest moments in World Series history.

Braggs, who is well known for his enormous and muscular physique, actually broke his wooden bat after swinging and missing on a pitch. That’s right, after swinging, the bat rotated around his bat and shattered in half when it hit his body.

The ‘En Vogue’ singer recently opened up about being back on the road with the group and related it to being a mother of four. “I’m the mom of the group and Terry’s in bed by 8,” she told People, adding, “It can be a short-lived business, but we’re very fortunate. And fortunate to have shared so much life together. … We’re having a great time.”

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Herron-Braggs explained the background of everyone in the band when it was formed, saying, “I was pretty surprised when I found out that I was accepted to be a member. Max and Dawn and Terry became roommates. Max was braiding hair; Terry was working at a bank. It was cool being at the house, walking around barefoot, pulling braid hair from out of your toes.”

Herron is still performing with En Vogue, along with Ellis and Rhona Bennett after Robinson and Jones left the group. En Vogue is currently on New Kids on the Block’s The Mixtape Tour 2022. The tour lasts through July 23, hitting cities including Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Orlando.

The picture above really spoke to my spirit. They created an entire family together. Even if they are getting a divorce it’s definitely not a failed marriage.

So many people waste each other’s time, without any understanding of what’s on the line.

Like this.

This is how most relationships are set up. Counter-productive behavior. The world is a beautiful place when you experience it from a place of love. Not so much the other way around.

Anyway, I wonder if things are bad or if they just stayed together for the kids. What’s the point of a woman getting divorced at 60?