How To Date A MAGIC Spiritual Woman & Skip Past The Other Men She Dates

by | Love & Relationships

Gentlemen: I know women who are unicorns seem magical.  They are. But more magic than men often realize. You underestimate the amount of effort it’s going to take to win her heart.

If you’re not in the game to win her heart, you can stop reading here, and continue wasting your time and the time of any woman who will give it to you.

You believe you’re going to get close to your dream woman online by messaging her and talking her ear off about nothing, but it doesn’t work.

Spiritual woman are often very kind, because they are going through growth.  Despite her lapse in judgement and being kind to you as a another human soul, the truth is she is not thinking about men who are not ADDING to HER.

Stop looking to be valued simply for your PRESENCE as a man. MEN DO.  If you are not the kind of man who DOES, then you need – Play To Win, Become The Dream Man Women Love, Respect & Submit To.That is the Utlimate Playbook for men.

While you come up with a boring, SLOW gameplay, she’s hanging out with other men with actual PLANS that they are putting into ACTION.

Brilliant women can get conversation anywhere. Men love talking to them, because they have tons of prosperous ideas. Men love talking to feminine women because they are fun. Men love talking to beautiful women because it validates the man. See men focus on THEM.  To be a King you must focus on DELIVERY and what YOU ARE BRINGING to the table. 

What she wants is going to get on her table eventually. So you either be the man to give it to her or help her get there faster, and you’ll pass these other men up.  Other men WAIT on a woman to perform, instead of performing and attracting the right audience.


Figure out the following 3 Things:


If you can offer her TRIPS, but you look a hot mess on the trip with nose hairs everywhere, you’ll still become invalidated.  So if your grooming isn’t up to par, then no need for you to chase a woman that will be on red carpets. 

Women these days have GOALS & DREAMS that they are not letting go of for some basic man. Your money isn’t enough. Especially seeing how much men financially don’t even give or do ENOUGH at the minimum level for her. Which is why so many women don’t even look to a man for that. So what else you got on top of that?

There are women who are willing to accept you, and there are women that you will have to boss up for.

That whole thinking you’re going to get a top notch chick with kibbles and bits is a fallacy. Ask your dream woman how many men she’s DUMPED, let go of, blocked, deleted. They were all 1 trick ponies. A magic woman desires a MAGIC man.

IF your POCKETBOOK is only capable of McDonald’s, find you a woman on THAT level.

Your HEART has to match the LEVEL of the woman you seek.

Most men are not on the level of a boss chick romantically, because your HEART isn’t there.

Most men don’t have HEART because it belongs to a piece of every other woman.

Most of these women are just waiting on some man to become a real man.

Other women are already entertaining, dating, married to a real one or out here settling. Most women settle. Even most coaches who teach relationships SETTLED for a man who would at least allow her to FOCUS on making HER money.

Not every woman is looking to marry just any ole man. Some are going for the KING. Might I suggest that you SHOW UP as ONE. 😘

You can’t be a KING without HEART.