Today I heal myself from giving people more credit than they are due. 

It’s not that people don’t do kind things. They do. 

But I realize I often make people think they are more helpful to me than they actually are. That creates false storylines about me in their mind. 

It’s because I live in a state of gratitude, and I dislike that people appreciate others so little. 

But you must do everything with balance. Too much of anything is a bad thing in the 3D world. 

The only person we could never appreciate enough is GOD.

I found this Psychology today article about over-giving. Everything in the article, may or may not apply to you, but I find that some parts of the article will be most useful to you, in order to help cause a shift.

I also know that when it comes to relationships, female over-givers tend to buy men gifts. Personally I stopped that behavior and got better results from men.  Yet, I realize the deeper fix is to follow your heart and give to those you feel LOVE FOR and LOVE COMING from, at a higher level.  GIVE to the people and serve those who are actually doing BIG things for you.

That way your time, dedication and commitment to self, family, and your immediate circle will be better invested and spent.

This is just another example of how when you blame others for your problem, you will fail to reach the real solution.  The real solution is to always look within.

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I had it all

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