Beloved Power Couple Taye Diggs & Apryl Jones Release First Romantic Film Together “THE COMEBACK”

by | Boss Babes

Maverick Entertainment, a trailblazing independent studio renowned for its commitment to showcasing the richness of Black Cinema, is thrilled to unveil its latest cinematic gem, “The Comeback.” Prepare to be captivated as this uproarious comedy lands on NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming platform on August 25th.

Starring the dynamic Taye Diggs and the magnetic Apryl Jones, “The Comeback” delves into the comical escapades of Jeff Murray and his wife, Tisa Murray, as they embark on a journey back to their cherished hometown of Atlanta.

But hold on tight, because “The Comeback” takes an unexpected twist when the Murray family’s seemingly perfect plans collide headfirst with a whirlwind of family drama, a new mom’s beau, and an amusing parade of former flames eagerly awaiting their return. Brace yourself for a sidesplitting spectacle that not only has you rolling with laughter but also resonates with the relatable challenges of this endearing and offbeat family.

Crafted by the visionary J. Carter, celebrated for his artful fusion of humor and heartfelt narratives, “The Comeback” guarantees an unforgettable cinematic voyage. Reflecting on his script’s journey, J. Carter shares, “After nurturing the story for five years, I finally found the perfect embodiments of Jeff and Tisa Murray in the exceptional talents of Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones. Their portrayal transcends beyond race, backgrounds, and beliefs, making them relatable to all.”

A luminary of Hollywood, Taye Diggs, celebrated for his remarkable performances in iconic films like “Rent” and “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” alongside TV hits like “All American” and “Empire,” graces the screen as the resolute Jeff Murray. Infusing his role with his signature charisma and comedic brilliance, Diggs breathes life into a determined father navigating life’s unexpected twists.

Emerging star Apryl Jones radiates as Tisa Murray, a strong and resilient wife striving to find her path amid the uproar. Recognizable from shows such as “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” and movies including “I Got The Hookup 2” and “You Married Dat,” Jones delivers an enchanting performance that leaves audiences longing for more.

“The Comeback” embodies Maverick Entertainment’s commitment to crafting exceptional films that resonate across diverse audiences worldwide. With this uproarious family comedy, we aim to not only entertain but to foster connections with viewers from all corners of life. Witness the compelling power of storytelling as it breaks down cultural boundaries and kindles the spirit of unity.