‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams, 48 Engaged To 30-Year-Old Investor

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Jennifer Williams is my original favorite boss chick. I’ve always loved her class and also her business acumen.   However when it comes to men, she hasn’t always chosen the best ones.

From her ex husband, retired NBA star Eric Williams who famously threw a drink in her face, while featured on Basketball Wives, to Sweetie Pie’s star Tim Norton, with the thick hips, who is now serving life in prison for murdering his nephew, to a few scammers that Williams dated, her love was looking bleak.

Now all of that has changed, Williams, 48 has found someone her soul vibrates with.

Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams,  is set to walk down the aisle and become Mrs. again. The reality TV star recently said “yes” to her investor bae Christian Gold’s proposal.

“Future Mrs… 💎❤️,” she wrote in an Instagram caption under a picture showing off a huge, high clarity diamond ring. She also posted a meme with the words, “Don’t be shocked when life starts to get good” alongside the photo.


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Their first encounter occurred on a Friday in December when Williams was spending time on the rooftop with a friend at his new apartment building That friend Armani, introduced Jennifer to Armani..

“I wasn’t even in the market looking for a relationship because I just felt like it wasn’t time yet,” Gold said on their YouTube channel. “I was in a place of healing. I’m still in a place of healing. I saw her sitting there and I was just like, ‘aw man be good.’”

“We were just having good conversation amongst everybody and it also felt like him and I were talking and connecting,” she added. “You know when you have laser eyes for one person?”

The two shared a hug when she decided to head home and once they were back in their own spaces, they both text Armani asking about the other. Later that week they linked up at Nobu’s restaurant and talked for five hours. That was the beginning for the pair.

The couple have shared their love publicly over the past few month through pictures, including snippets of their baecations, and also via birthday wishes. In June, Williams wished her soon-to-be-husband a happy birthday as he turned 30.

“Happy birthday to the one. This picture describes us, pure bliss. I pray God continues to bless you on this trip around the sun. Wishing you peace, love and many more blessings. I love you ❤️” she wrote in a caption.

They also started a YouTube channel together called “Life With Jennifer & CG,” on YouTube in June. The channel’s description encapsulates their journey: “We are Jennifer & CG, a couple in love who met at a very transformative time for us both and have been inseparable ever since. Our relationship has been filled with pure love, peace and happiness. We have a bond that can’t be broken because of how strong our foundation is.”

Congrats to Jennifer!

This is a reminder that you are never too old to find love. Talk care of yourself, your health and embody femininity, cause your dream of real love will come true eventually.