Why 6 Figure Boss Chicks Should Avoid Men Who Are 5 Figure Fools

by | Abundance Mindset, Love & Relationships

A 5 Figure Fool is a 5 Figure man who ignores the wisdom of a 6-7 Figure woman.

Despite not hitting 6 figures himself yet, he is unwilling to listen to her, take advice from her, and raise his financial capital effortlessly.

Instead it’s more important for him to be a SENSITIVE man who is hurt by his strong woman’s confidence, motivation and rigorous financial training. The army is allowed to beat him into shape. His personal trainer is allowed to whip him into shape, but he wants his woman to be soft and sweet to him, although he doesn’t make life soft and sweet for HER.

So she attempts to build him into the 6-7 Figure man he claims he wants to be, so he can lead from a place of integrity, and have some respect for how hard she worked to get to where she is.

Because he is unwilling to listen, he will often walk away from this helpmate, or gets dumped by her, and goes in search of a FEMININE woman who oftentimes can’t motivate him to make more money, but instead she makes him feel safe.

Before he leaves he will take from the boss chick, or hurt her in some way due to resentment of her not allowing him to figure out life on his own without constantly issuing advice to him.


He resents the fact that she saw him as handicapped and needing her help.

In her eyes she believes she sees love for her man and is willing to help him and ride with him to the top. She is attempting to create a Pinky & The Brain power couple.  Yet the man does not feel so empowered by her, because he wants to be accepted for who he currently is, and not made to feel like he should be more.

It’s misalignment of the finest.

5 Figure men are still looking to feel SAFE in the world and need women to provide this for them. Which is oftentimes why those men don’t provide or understand the mindset shifts that come with wealth. He hasn’t felt safe enough to allow the shifts in.

The feminine woman feels safety in herself, so she allows him to be him. The little boy in him then slowly grows up to be a real man. Most of these men never reach nor pass the 6 figure mark. This woman is his COMFORT zone.  The 6-7 Figure woman made him uncomfortable.

The 6-7 Figure woman often continues to provide herself with safety by working hard to be successful. She feels so strong and safe that she allows men into her life for the ride who don’t provide.

What you can learn from this is that COMFORT is the enemy of achievement. A man or woman may come into your life who is willing to help you reach YOUR GOALS. They may make you FEEL uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good for you.

Isn’t it wise to learn the wealth lesson, or whatever lesson the 6-7 Figure woman is teaching you, vs moving on or losing her and never creating that wealth?