Successful Black Women Are Single Because They Don’t Have A Strategy For LOVE

by | Love & Relationships

First off, successful black men love black women. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

There are all kinds of rich men. You have to know your dating style, and what kind of rich man you are aligned with. You won’t like every rich man. And every man has his own preferred relationship style.


Black women often reject femininity because they think it’s weak or that it has something to do with a man.

Yes, you can get a man without being feminine. But men in general want a woman who is open, and deeply connected to her own heart and emotions.

Women of other races often have not been through the war ground the way the black woman has. She was told to want nothing and need nothing from a man. She was told she wasn’t worth anything without money.

She was told not to ask a man for anything unless she could do it for herself.

Most black women have a pattern of dating BROKEN black men. She has a pattern of attracting men who expect her to jump through hoops to prove herself. And not ONE of those men provided for her.

Therefore she is now a whole lot stronger, as she should be.


So now we have a bunch of rich, picky, black women, who won’t take sh*t from any man, refuse to be gullible, can’t be controlled, and also doesn’t know how to connect to the soul of a MAN.

Sometimes she can even be bitter, resentful and unwilling to change her ways. Leftover baggage and hurt from past toxic relationships.

Black women also tend to have a problem listening. You can’t tell her nothing!!! Ike don’t need no help b*tch!

Not to mention, she actually is smarter than most black men.  The busters from the past.  She keeps carrying the past with her….

None of these things mean that you’re not sweet or that you’re not a good person. It’s just that you don’t listen to anyone other than yourself. That can be a good thing sometimes. It’s probably how you got so far in your career.

But when it comes to relationships, it’s different. You must be willing to listen in a whole new way.

You have to want love as bad as you want money. Or be as detached from it as you are from money.

Obviously there are ways to manifest the love that you desire.

One way is by not focusing on someone who doesn’t want you like this meme below.

Pointless, it’s not going to get you anywhere. I could post that meme, because I run a relationship BUSINESS. It’s alignment with my field of study.

But for the average black woman to be focused on why a man doesn’t want her, and blaming men instead of going within, is a dead in road.


I will tell you why. It’s a manifestation of her mind.

Life is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs.  

Because I don’t believe what she is saying, I am routing you down a new path. But those who believe what she is saying, will live the life that she is talking about.

You are not at the beck, call, or mercy of a man choosing you. Goddesses choose men.

Most WOMEN don’t have a strategy or a phucking clue on how to get the dream man SHE WANTS. Not even rich women have the knowledge and they could be surrounded by rich men.

Most WOMEN don’t even understand that yes men are a game and yes they do play games. So why would you walk into a game without researching and studying how to play to win.

Top chicks of course have a ton of men coming at you, but when you focus on the truth of what you want, you will make necessary changes to TRULY live the life of your dreams. Otherwise you sit there bragging about all the men who like you, that you haven’t married, and that’s not a reflection of winning in the game called love.

It’s time to formulate a new plan, a new path, and become a NEW YOU.

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