Stop PUSHING if you want to manifest your best life

by | The Journey

I received a download this morning. It’s probably for me, just as much as it is for someone else.

I was told to stop pushing, and be still. My original name, comes from the movie “Roots.” The name means “Be Still.”

All of my life I’ve been PUSHing people away from me, in order to protect myself from whatever further pain I deemed they may cause me.

Meanwhile, I never looked at why I let them in, or ever noticed that maybe they weren’t intentionally TRYING to hurt me.

But what’s important is that my senses said they WOULD hurt me, if I didn’t push them away. Which of course means they would.

Perhaps instead of pushing I should’ve created boundaries, and just LET GO.

Perhaps instead of pushing I should allow those who want to love me, to love me, without caring if I am going to return the love in the manner that they seek.

Perhaps I did give men warnings, that I can be quite charming, and to not fall for me, unless I specifically say I WANT TO BE WITH YOU. But maybe that too was denying them of my soul, and stopped me from embodying The Goddess of Love.

Perhaps I’ve learned a lot, from the people I couldn’t push away. Perhaps those people have shown me the unconditional love I’ve given to many. Perhaps for the first time, I truly see the soul connections I formed. The connections I’m very deserving of.

Perhaps I should not only ALLOW in love, but to allow those who love me to stay around me, and receive their reward of being in my vortex of love. It makes people better people. It makes them warmer, full of hope, smarter and wanting to get closer to source. My presence changes lives.

Perhaps it’s time to change the one word, that helped me manifest my entire grand life.

PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens.

Perhaps it’s time to change that to.

PUSH – Play Until Something Happens.

PLAY because praying is more like waiting for something outside of you in a way, yet it works. But at this new level, I realize all of my best manifestations come from when my heart is at PLAY along with FAITH.

Even in love, it’s like playing a game to me. It’s a game of let’s see how beautiful, magical and full of love we can make this.

Somehow as adults, we’ve taken the word play and made it a negative connotation. It’s a bad word they say. But it’s not.

One of my favorite mentors, has a really simple line that says so much.

“Life is Now, Press Play.” ~ Katrina Ruth

I don’t even need to explain that to you.

In my head, when it comes to the game of life. Cause life is a game. I think a certain way.

In every area of life, Play To Win! ~ Kissy Denise

You must play to win, by going all in. Go all in on every area of life. Half way won’t get you there. Giving up before it manifests won’t get you there. Halfway deciding will never help you BE there.

One of the biggest pieces of advice ever given to me, was by my other favorite mentor Justin Burns.

Justin made me aware of how I tear everything down sometimes, without going all in. He taught me how to work with what I have, and to keep making it better.

Perhaps I let fear cause me to push things away, or maybe it’s my impatience.

But the clear thing is, when you go all in, you figure out a way to make it work. There is no turning back. It’s a decision to make it work and that it is going to work.

So how do we possibly expect things, businesses, or relationships to work, if we never decide to play to win; by going all in.

If you truly want to win, the biggest rule is to not be average. For average effort will only get you average results. Average decisions will manifest an average, mostly mediocre life.

Going all in, as if there is no other option, cause you will have it no other way, is the only way.

Once you make the decision, the rest is already done for you. There is no need to push or force after that. After that you’re just playing along and going along with the ride. Once you put your tokens in, the game is going to play itself. You’re just there, enjoying the surprises, flowing, moving through and not tripping over the detours.

It doesn’t matter if the path is straight or looped. It’s going to go, where it’s going to go, once you type in the definite destination. But if you never decide the definite destination, then you never know where you’ll end up at. (duh!)

There is a difference between going with the flow, and knowing where the flow is taking you.

When you know where the river is taking you, the journey is supposed to be fun. Remember it’s only a game. There is no need to fear, once you decide to play and go all in.

If you don’t decide these things, you never know where you’ll end up at, but if you’re a called soul things are always going to work out for you in the end, and eventually I suppose you’ll get on your route, cause it’s always SUCCESS and BEING THE BEST. (You made that decision centuries ago.) But if you simply listen to soul, you can avoid lots of pitfalls and just go… With the flow.

I suppose that’s all also part of the game.. The remembering who you are, and what you came to do…

In a way you’re always in the right place at the right time. Things must happen to get you back in alignment, where the experiences aren’t always so painful.