Shaunie O’Neal Says ‘Love Feels Peaceful & Easy’ with Fiancé Pastor Keion Henderson – Love “Shouldn’t Be Hard Work”

by | Celebrity LOVE

Shaquille O’Neals ex-wife, who is also the executive producer of and a star on VH1’s Basketball Wives, is engaged to fiancé Pastor Keion Henderson, who she’s set to marry later this year. Shaunie O’Neal recently sat down with The Shade Room to discuss what it’s like to be in love inside of a healthy relationship.

“Love feels easy,” the 47-year-old boss chick said. “I think that he makes it easy to love him, to love this relationship, and I think the older you get you just realize what’s important, you realize how to communicate with people, you realize how to overcome obstacles in relationships.”

O’Neal met her future husband through a mutual friend and they started dating two years ago back in 2020. O’Neal admitted in the interview that although maintaining a loving relationship does take work, it doesn’t have to be struggle love.

“It takes work, but it shouldn’t be hard work, you know what I mean? It can be tedious but it shouldn’t be so stressful or hard or consuming. And you know. work that I want to go to, work that I want to show up for,” she said. “Love feels peaceful and easy and so good, and it keeps a smile on my face and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

When she got engaged in 2020, She told People, “This love is FOREVER and I’m honored and overjoyed to do forever with him.”

Her former NBA star ex-husband Shaquille O’Neal has given the pair his blessings. Shaq said Shaunie was a good woman who did everything she was supposed to do.

Shaq on the other hand, received a lot of text messages on his blackberry from women talking about the intimate time he was spending with them, cause Shaunie to key up his car in the garage.