How Self-Love Attracts People Who Love & Accept You For You

by | Love & Relationships

The best thing you can do for yourself is to get to know yourself.  In and out, good and bad, owning your humanness and accepting you.

Oftentimes the disappointments we experience in relationships are a result of inner unhealed wounds, trauma, and lack of knowledge of self.

When you don’t know self, you make it difficult for others to be with you, because no matter what they do, they will never be good enough for you, until you are good enough for yourself.

Nobody can appease you until you appease yourself.

For the entrepreneur, your constant battle of chasing SUCCESS in your business or accolades causes you to ignore or devalue the importance of your relationships.

Your entire self-worth is determined by the success of your business. Your work is to understand that you are who you are, and you are worth what you are worth, despite the success of your business.

To make your business successful, you simply DECIDE.

Your business is a seperate entity from who you are. You’ve been taking it personal, instead of showing up like the BUSINESS YOU SOUGHT OUT TO CREATE.

The one that’s based upon YOUR PURPOSE, GIFTS & TALENTS. Not the one based upon your income.

When you understand this you will improve your worthiness and manifest all that you desire anyway. Until this moment, you’ve been unconsciously pushing IT away.

You don’t have to forgo love, repel love, ignore love, reject love or practice the belief that you don’t have time for love, in order to make your business successful.

In fact, when you shift that belief you will become even more successful.

You and your business were meant to THRIVE INSIDE of a healthy, loving relationship.

For others your business would be more successful if you were alone. Meaning minus the mate you are currently with, who does’t understand how hard you work to be successful.

Each soul has a different path it is called to take.

The path of the heart-led entrepreneur is to HAVE IT ALL.

Meaning value and appreciating ALL, starting with yourself.

This is why SELF-LOVE is the most healing journey. The more you love and accept yourself the more others love and accept you, because you make room for them to.

Written with Love,
Kissy Denise – The Masterpiece | The Goddess of Love & Motivation 💖✨💋