My little brother passed away 2 weeks ago.  That was shocking to my soul, and also inspired shift, after, shift after shift.

Rarely these days do I get just one shift. I get body slammed with them back to back to back to back.

They hit me like deep ocean ways, as I stand on the beach shore with my eyes closed.  They say WAKE UP MAM.

So now I  AM woke, and as of today, I quit  doing things a certain way.

I moved on. 

What was I doing? I was trying to change the world by waking up deeply sleep women with shocking truths.

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I was waking these women up for absolutely free. It wasn’t their favorite celebrity healing these women. It was me.

As I woke these women up out of their slumber, eyes everywhere were watching me.

Watching me and judging my every move.  I only have more than 600,000 followers at this point.

Some of those people called me a gold digger.

There is so much oppression in black society if you are a woman who opens your mouth to speak the truth of what you want, if that truth isn’t bottom barrel.

For women like Lori Harvey, they don’t TALK about it. They simply BE about it.

So I see now that this whole life coaching the masses thing isn’t for me.

I could totally keep my information to myself and talk about basic stuff for free.  But my heart knew some really good hearted women existed and were sleep in this world.

This world is so accustomed  to so called gold diggers that they are unaware of the  hard working women who go hard, get it out the mud, run up a bag, and are down for their man. 

Then again they are.  That tell those women how stupid they are, after the man breaks their heart.  Before that they told her that she wasn’t worthy of the greatest men and that she needed to settle for less, because good men are of scarcity they say.

The women in my tribe cook, clean, pay more than half the bills, phuck his brains out, speak life into their man, give him money, motivate him, educate him, wipe his tears, and see the best in him, all while he takes her for granted, cheats on her, and pays other girls bills. 

Those are the amazing women I was sent to heal. 

No one ever taught them what a real man is.

I can’no longer publicly heal them, cause the world was too busy being in my business, judging me for everything I do. 

Not to mention, most of those women don’t value WOMEN. 

They’ll run to pay a man, but don’t have enough sense to love themselves enough to pay a divine feminine woman for the healing they need.  So they kind of stay stuck. Because there are so many deep layers to this healing, and without truly working with someone 1 on 1, most women will never heal.  

The majority of my female clients tend to be married and rich already.  What I help them with is CONFIDENCE and treating their man better.  Those aren’t the things I tend to talk about in public.

Then there’s my dating life and everyone asking me why I’m not married yet.   In the past 3 years I’ve had 3 proposals.  The first guy offered me a Bentley to marry him, the 2nd $300,000 within 3 months of marrying him and the 3rd one offered me a Maserati and spent a substantial amount of money on me.

The problem? I really didn’t like any of their characters, and I didn’t feel love emanating from their heart.   Nor did I feel they were picky enough. Then I met another guy who I briefly dated and he was like this total Dream Man, doing everything for me, paying bills, buying clothes, helping me with my business, improving my mindset, being a friend, surprising me in the most amazing ways, not trying to use me for sex…we never even had sex, and lo and behold, I had nightmares that he would physically hurt me.   Heck, I figured that was God telling me NO.

And at some point you have to listen to God.  How was I supposed to know if it was God sending me the signs or the devil?   Well ultimately it was God, and when someone is not of God they are pretty easy to send away.  I pushed him away, but in all honesty, I didn’t really want to….

Men give me what I ask for, and I seem crazy to them, because it’s not enough.  However I don’t think it’s totally my fault.  The problem is that I KNOW WHAT REAL LOVE IS.

If a man isn’t truly in love with me, or if I can’t return the love, I simply let him go so that he can find the PURE LOVE that I know exists in the Universe.

I’m a pure hearted soul. People aren’t accustomed to that. Especially not men, and when they do meet one they usually try to take advantage of her, and that’s not happening over here…   Thus the reason 3 out of 4 of those men became pissed at me. Then there’s another or 2 who are also pissed at me for rejecting them.

I don’t usually talk about these things, because I like to keep things private and I have nothing but love for those men.

But the world wants me to SHOW them… And most men simply aren’t good enough to be shown off on social media by me.   Men want a prize and I do too.

So now, I’ve healed up enough to receive what is for me.

I did my job and now I am moving on. God gave me a promotion.

I receive it this time, and will stop fighting it, resisting it and sabotaging myself.

I pray that you never have to SHIFT in front of 500,000 followers all while having a deep desire to only do what it good….

There is no good and bad in this world…

So I release myself from my desire to totally build this peaceful, only positive platform.   To do so takes A LOT of thinking when you’ve already built up an audience.

And truth be told, all of the super popular online personalities are full of DRAMA.

Peace is quite boring to the majority.

Time to focus on ME.