REPORT: LIL Wayne’s Girlfriend Broke Up With Him After He Endorsed Donald Trump

by | Celebrity LOVE

Lil Wayne was following one who person on social media. That person was his girlfriend, Denise Bidot, a plus size model from the Dominican Republic.

Wayne and Bidot went public with their relationship in June, not long after Wayne split with reported fiancée La’tecia Thomas.

Bidot immediately took to social media swooning over her love for Weezy F. Baby. To announce their romance, Bidot posted a series of photos to her Instagram Stories cozying up to the legendary rapper. She wrote at the top, “Somehow in the middle of the madness, something special happened. Us.” Her sentiment was followed by a black heart emoji.

denise bidot lil wayne girlfriend

The announcement was followed by months of affectionate posts. But apparently that romance ended fast.

On Sunday (November 1), the successful plus-size model shared a cryptic post to her Instagram Stories, suggesting they’d split.

The post read, “Sometimes love just isn’t enough.” She added a broken heart emoji to further illustrate her point. They’re also no longer following each other on Instagram. Bidot was literally the only person Wayne was following earlier this year, but that “following” number is now back to zero.

Bloggers are reporting that the break-up happened cause Lil Wayne endorsed Donald Trump.

Bidot is said to be an avid supporter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Truth be told, bloggers don’t know why they broke up.  It’s simply just a story. Chances are that Wayne dumped her and not the other way around.

But the real story here is that Lil Wayne can’t seem to keep a woman. The rapper has spent his career funneling through woman after woman. Which is what most rappers do.  They spend money on everything other than learning how to have a healthy relationship.

These rappers are good for getting your follower count up by dating them. However they aren’t good for your dream of getting married to the love of your life.