The Reason Attractive People Are Failing At Relationships

by | Love & Relationships

The reason so many attractive people are failing at relationships is because you keep taking advice from unattractive people with a mindset to live a “regular” life.

You try to suppress your desires, instead of telling yourself THE TRUTH and going for what you want.

God isn’t about to let everyone settle. Some of you have to get up and do the healing work.

It is what it is. You know you want more. God wants you to have more, and be more. You are loved and CHOSEN. Your soul came to earth for EXPANSION and GREATNESS. To leave a legacy and for your name to be known 1,000 years from now.

You are WORTHY and DESERVING of having a highly attractive, brilliant, wealthy, confident, God-loving, good smelling, well dressed, AMAZING mate who makes you cry tears of joy, feel passion, and see stars when you make love.

You get to have deep conversations and divine, soul-fulfilling connections.

You get to feel the magic of the deepest love vibrating, flowing through you, penetrating your very soul; coming into alignment and one with GOD.

Just because someone is attractive and did the work in every area of life in order to be successful, doesn’t make them a bad person.

Look in the mirror and OWN YOUR BEAUTIFUL TRUTHS. GOD already told you that you are worthy.

Are you going to listen to people, or are you going to listen to GOD? Listening to people has you where you are right now.

Message me to HEAL, manifest soulmate love, money, power, success, CONFIDENCE, beauty, influence, luxury, and the JOY that you desire.

Very few people in this world are going to tell you that you deserve the best of the best.
They are quick to tell you to settle for less.

Normal/regular/less than is never going to work for you. It’s not YOU.


Written with Love,

Kissy 💖