A Poem About That Time You Broke Your Own Heart, Again & Again, Yet GOD IS GOOD to you

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God is so good. I don’t know what other people be talking about. But God is all I know. And that GOD IS GOOD. Do you hear me? Like do you really want me to testify at how he gives you everything you need? And you THINK you know, but honey you have no idea to the levels that God will deliver unto you.


So anyway, on to the download you came here for. I deliver these downloads AFAP (As fast as possible. Kissy’s new boss chick saying, cause you know we like sh*t fast… So why did we ever respect anything slow?) to my VIP groups. But today, I felt like blogging this one.


Men are right when they say women need to take self-accountability.

Good women do need to take self-accountability. People with beautiful hearts and souls do need to take accountability for our relationships with people who showed signs of not being willing to measure up.

I thought about my past relationships and felt it was time for me to admit a deep truth.

I was WRONG for dating the men I dated in the past. In a way, I knew those men would never be able to please me. Heck, I knew that after the 5th date, when they didn’t buy me a house with a Bentley, with a red or pink bow parked in the driveway. I mean lets keep it real. That was the minimum due for their b.s. behavior, and slowing me down from focusing on better things. 😂

How dare I/You/We expect a distraction to measure up? 🤣 A mthfkr can’t distract you, if they are going in the same direction as you. 🤷🏼‍♀️ (it’s quite humbling to take a really good look at YOURSELF.)

I knew from date 5 that all of those men would let me down. They didn’t have enough LION in their system for me. Because real men chase money. They really don’t chase chicks. They don’t have to. They know how to get the ones they want. That’s why they already have their money up.  Real men want to be able to treat their woman like a Queen.

When you don’t want Queenly things, you won’t attract Kings. Equally yoked requires level ups in mind, body, and spirit. Money is only a reflection of spiritual level.

Any man who didn’t come equipped for full on, high level love, wouldn’t be able to give me want I wanted in this world.  Some of us need to be honest with ourselves and accept that we didn’t come to take no shorts….. anywhere. NOT TODAY. NOT TOMORROW.

God forgive YOU, for ever even trying……. 🙏

You are a champion. You have the heart of a champion. You fight. You make it happen. You keep getting better and better.

So that got me thinking of another revelation, of why it’s always so important to relate things back to self.

Perhaps back then, I didn’t love myself enough to admit what I wanted RIGHT NOW. Perhaps I thought that maybe if I wanted or required just a little bit less, then I would be more worthy of a candy bar, instead of the Snickers bar.

Perhaps I believed the world, when they told me that I needed to be patient. That I needed to EARN my way there, or WORK my way there. Perhaps it’s not my fault I fell under the spell of society’s b.s.

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Perhaps it’s not my fault when I believed them when they told me that I wasn’t special. (I=YOU 👁👀)

Perhaps I remember as a little girl, my granny telling me that I wasn’t special and how the world didn’t revolve around me.



(a lot of your childhood programming is corrupt. It’s messing up the computer system.)

I told her otherwise, but I was 6-years-old, so maybe I subconsciously believed. (No shade. Parents  honestly do their best with what they know and what they were exposed to…. They then pass the beliefs down. It’s all good and all love, as these are the things we came here to experience. LOL, Crazy how some people BELIEVE we came to live perfect lives. Tee Hee. Can you imagine living a PERFECT life, and ALL OF THE FUN, you would NOT have had… Yes love, keep enjoying the journey.)

I was traumatized from an early age and talked out of my glory.  So were you. Darn there everyone was. Boo Hoo.

But God put a little fire inside of you and I.  Just as I, that fire and deep passion inside, was going to find it’s way to the surface one way or another.

That fire is MY TRUTH.

Like the burning bush in the bible. It’s always talking to you.

It’s my heart. 

Where is your fire at? It’s always leading you…. Guiding you….. LISTEN to it. SURRENDER to it.

As I wrote this, my shiny object syndrome did it’s usual tap in, and somehow I came across THIS, and thought you should share in that tiny piece of procrastination with me.

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So now that we’re off commercial break, let me tell you some affirmations that I had to start telling myself.

✅ I’m better than some average b.s.
✅ I’m better than some average dude who comes to serve me mediocrity on a stick.


God is good

Life is better now that I said phuck all of that b.s. It’s better now that I won’t tolerate being abused, misused, disrepesected, or taken for granted, in the name of showing people what true love is.

Phuck That! Only TRUE love, can recognize TRUE LOVE. The rest will take that sh*t for granted. Let’s just keep it real.

And those who truly love, love the phuck out of each other. It’s not an either or. It’s not a half in or half out. Gods & Goddesses give everything we have, because we are almightily and know there is more where that came from.

But let me just spit a truth, for all of you SINGLE, anointed ones. You spent a great deal of your time in this lifetime, pouring love into PEASANTS. TRYING TO BREATHE LIFE FORCE INTO THEM. While they smiled and TOOK from you. Thinking they were getting over on you.

God is good

You were right the whole time. A God or a Goddess would’ve appreciated that love, reciprocated, amplified and multipled that love. Only fools subtract from love.

They can’t count. Their only count was what they could TAKE from you, and not GIVE to you, in return for that love.

If you’re a Goddess and you date a GOD, then honey you never have to worry about over-giving or not-receiving. Casue a God is going to give to you, till your heart’s content. He steps to you like that from DAY ONE. He’s going to be your A-1 from Day 1, and understand you like no other.

But somehow you managed to wait on these other dudes to be a real one, TO YOU.

Honey, you weren’t being real with yourself. You were too busy, trying to be less, so that you could BE WITH LESS MEN. Or shall we say lesser men……

Don’t you see what you’ve done? Honey you deserve better.

Don’t you know, that you are the poet of your own heart?

Written with Love, 😘
Kissy Denise – The Masterpiece | The Goddess of Love & Motivation.

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