Men Actually DO Care About A Woman Being Successful & Having Her Own Money

by | Love & Relationships

Most men in this world are not rich nor wealthy. So of course they care about your darn money. The more money and success you have, the more they can brag about you, and the less you will be a burden on them, because the less they have to do for you.

Wealth-conscious men, and s-lly men on the other hand don’t care how much money you have or how successful you are. I say SILLY cause some men aren’t wealthy and still prefer a woman to be feminine and less than him. Heavy on the LESS SUCCESSFUL than him.  Those men aren’t trying to go high places in life. They just want a normal life and for a woman to listen and be submissive or pliable.

Now since you are not normal, we aren’t going to talk about those men.

Wealth conscious men can provide for you, therefore your accolades are not a big deal to them.. They have a natural desire to PROVIDE for the woman they love and take care of their family. A man who may be successful, but hasn’t quite figured out himself yet, may desire to provide, but if he’s unable to, he may prefer a woman who has her own. Then he can focus on DATING her vs. saving her or digging her out the whole…


I know. Let me discuss that. (Yes, I am reading your mind.)  You decided to focus on SUCCESS and MONEY because you know men expect you to give to yourself what you expect from them. You don’t expect a man to like you if you don’t actually have any money.   This is because you are focused on average men, not wealthy men.   Which brings me to the mindset such a woman is developing.

You are developing a mindset/belief system that says “I am only worthy enough of a good man, IF/WHEN I have money and SUCCESS.  While society may agree with you, it’s actually a worthiness issue.  A very understandable one, that also doesn’t net you a good man who can spoil you.

Here is the thing – Accomplishing or not accomplishing your goals doesn’t make you WORTHY. You are not unworthy just because you haven’t manifested something.  Plus how can you manifest anything if you don’t at least feel slightly worthy of having/receiving it, RIGHT NOW?


A woman can go out on a first date and brag/kindly mention how much money she makes.  if you make 6-7 Figures that is IMPRESSIVE. However it’s not ATTRACTIVE to a man who doesn’t want nor need your money or to use your connections for a come-up. It IS attractive to a man who believes it takes 2 incomes to succeed.  But the thing is after a while, he tends to get tired of the woman not being feminine… Many a successful woman has been told by her husband that he is tired of going to bed with a man in a dress… (most of these men are not aware of their own desires until AFTER they’ve experienced the masculine energy from a woman so many times…. And they will also have you slaving, hitting cartwheels, cooking, cleaning, take care of kids AND paying half the bills. Which is fine if that’s the life you want.)

A lot of women feel they are not the most good-looking, so they pour their energy into their success, thinking that will even out the playing field.  It doesn’t. It only gets them used by men or passed over. Which is why you see so many single, successful women in their 30’s.  They found out the hard way that those degrees didn’t make them more attractive to good men.

Not even to bad men though, cause like I said, Ray-Ray will definitely pull up to use you up and let you mother him until he gets his life together. Then he moves on to his dream woman, whom he can now PROVIDE for.

Men often get bored when you talk about your work/job/accolades. It’s not what they NEED from a woman. Those are conversations they have with other MEN.  So to do so normally puts you in masculine energy in their eyes. Which means they seek to compete with you and don’t see you as a good mate, companion or wife.

A woman being successful won’t necessarily turn a man off, but it also doesn’t turn him ON either.   Successful women often think because THEY are attracted to successful men, that successful men will be attracted to them.   This is where the rule LIKE attracts LIKE doesn’t apply.  (Except if your man is more feminine energy, laid back and enjoys letting you take charge, lead and be the big boss honcho, while he stays at home and plays daddy day care.)

It is women that find career success, accolades, drive, focus, strength, and taking initiative (masculine traits) attractive. Meanwhile what men find attractive is openness, vulnerability, receptivity and nurturing capabilities (feminine qualities).

This isn’t to say that women shouldn’t be successful, get a few degrees, have your own money or chase your material dreams. What it means is that those things are FOR YOU. When you are a FEMININE WOMAN they make you a more attractive mate. But without femininity those traits often make you not attractive to a good, high value man.

Get your degrees, successes, accolades and material possessions FOR YOU. To make YOU feel good. Don’t get those things thinking it will make a man more attractive to you, because it won’t.

There is a difference between being in a 50/50 relationship and a man loving what you DO FOR HIM, versus a man LOVING YOU, and VALUING YOU so much that HE WANTS to PROVIDE for you.

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