Married Black Millionaire Tells Men To Stop Playing With Women

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I’ve taken a break from my habits of daily blogging, but today I am inspired by a man with some sense. 
I was on Facebook today having a conversation with my wonderful Facebook friends. One of those people is Mark Breedlove.  What Mark said today is something that I feel like every man needs to hear. 
I say these things all the time, but coming from a powerful, married, black man, makes it just that much more potent. 
But before I share this life changing quote from this extraordinary married black millionaire, ladies you are going to want to sit down and pull out your tea and crumpets for this. It’s about to get extra lit, like Jodeci before the hit. 🔥🔥🔥 Or maybe after the hit if we’re just talking K-Ci & Jo-Jo.
“I don’t have an issue with spending $130.00 [on a date]. I purchased my wife a car, paid her tuition, and sent her money weekly BEFORE we were married.”
(cues Jagged edge 🎶)

He continued:
“I have an issue with paying it and then she simply goes on to be with someone else.”
I  know Sis. You’re thinking about how long you’ve been dating and loving your man who can barely even wants to buy you an ice cream sandwich. And your azz had better not ask for Neapolitan. —— 
(Now this is where the quote gets REALLY good and you can hear Big Worm talking to Smokey)
“I have an issue with playing with my money.  Each dollar is a working soldier I invest that brings interest and dividends.”

This is why I don’t believe men should date with frivolous intentions. If you playing it’s on you. If she ain’t the one don’t lie to her and yourself. I knew I was marrying Marquitta the day I met her it just took a few MONTHS for me to ask.” ~ Mark Breedlove
Ladies, did you feel that whole mic just drop? Cause I did. 🎤

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What Mark said is the exact reason why I tell women this.

A man with plans knows what he wants the moment he sees her. He recognizes his dream girl upon sight. He zooms in and closes the deal. He doesn’t drag it on forever, playing games with your heart, and putting you through the mud to make you prove yourself. When a man is preparing for his future and ready to get going he’s wise and plans carefully.

His heart is also captured fast. Ladies, your beauty, essence, and spirit overtakes him.  The arrow of cupid comes through.
So, if he’s not treating you right, you ain’t it Sis…and neither is he.

This love thing isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. It’s really quite simple. You feel things in your heart, you think, make a conscious decision, put in effort, stick with the plan, get married, make it a trinity in the spirit world; and beautiful things happen. 
What you need to do is click to  message me on messenger, to work with me to glow up, change your energetic frequency, bring the Queen out of you, unleash your inner Goddess in order become a high value woman, and call in an abundant, high value King.
Ladies, stop letting these men steal your dreams away from you. You already know you want to fall in love and get married.  Lets get it! Come back to Heaven Sis. I know you’re tired of pouring your heart and soul into these  50/50 men who drain you and fail to appreciate you.  Kings think different Sis. 
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Below are all of Mark’s links. You definitely want to catch him and his family on their show “Meet The Breedlove’s on Youtube.”   
P.S. Marquitta has Dr. in front of her name. This family is amazing!

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