Love isn’t hard. People simply aren’t compatible.

You can love someone, but can’t stand them.

Notice how well you get along with people who are in agreement with you.

AKA your best friend. 💋

It’s kind of hard to get along with someone who doesn’t agree with much of you.

Too many people spend time trying to get someone else to conform to their thoughts.

What if there were someone out there that agreed with you?

For instance what’s the point of dating a man who argues with you that he should be able to d*ck you down, partake in your #feminine energy and not provide for you, instead of just getting a REAL MAN who believes in protecting and PROVIDING for what’s his? 💞 #kingme👑

💜 What’s the point of arguing with a woman about cooking you 5 star meals, when you could simply get one who loves to, PROVIDE so she can focus on YOU, or hire a chef? #QueenMe👑

All I’m saying is GO GET WHAT YOU WANT.