KIM BURRELL: BEYONCE JAMMED MY 🎶 FOR 11 HOURS During Rough Patch with Jay-Z!!!

by | Celebrity LOVE

Gospel music vet Kim Burrell expressed a major flex. She is claiming her music is therapy to Beyonce‘s ears … or at least it was when her marriage with Jay-Z was on shaky ground.

TMZ Reports: Kim’s confessional came in an interview with “We Sound Crazy!” back in October, but for some reason, this particular clip started making the rounds Thursday.

KB rolled the calendar back to 2017 when Jay recorded his last album “4:44,” a project riddled with apologies to Bey for his infidelities.

Kim provided background vocals for the highly emotional title track — a feature personally requested by Jay, as he came to align Bey’s bad moods with Kim’s music blaring through their house.

According to Kim’s convo … Bey even locked herself in a room for 11 hours while playing nothing but Kim’s music, but came out refreshed and ready to resume the marriage.

Jay allegedly said he just had to meet the woman who lifted his wife’s spirits and hence, the “4:44” collab was immaculately conceived!!!

Fans on social media grew upset with Kim for spilling the Carter family secrets, but she did note she and Jay spoke for “4 hours” … and there were certain details from the convo she would never share!!!

Bey having your discography on repeat isn’t a secret Kim wanted bottled up, it seems!!!

Either Jay & Bey didn’t have Kim Burrell sign an NDA or they were gracious and allowed her to spill the beans to promote her album sales.