Kevin Gates Says He “Lied To The World” With His Dreka Gates’ Song To Protect His Wife’s Image

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Kevin Gates’ wife Dreka appears to be the latest woman to be once again embarrassed out here in these relationship streets.

Gates has seemingly taken the Usher route and confessed his rocky marriage status with Dreka in his ‘Super General’ freestyle song that just dropped.

This comes just days after being spotted with former ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ cast member Jojo Zarur!

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The Shade Room has the tea:

Kevin Gates wasted no time hitting the booth to address trending conversations surrounding his name! The rapper was recently in the cozy company of former Love & Hip-Hop castmate Jojo Zarur. Immediately after, questions began swirling about the status of his marriage to Dreka Gates. And according to his lyrics, things between the pair might be on the rocky side!


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Kevin Says He Lied In ‘Dreka’ Song To Protect His Wife’s Image

About midway through the Super General freestyle, Kevin seemingly threw dirt on a previous romantic gesture. In 2020, the rapper penned a track for Dreka titled with her name. It featured footage of their wedding, two children, baecation, and everyday moments like car rides. But on Thursday, his lyrics indicated that the gesture was nothing more than a gimmick for her benefit.

“…Made the Dreka song, lied to the world while trying to protect her image,” Kevin rapped. “Tell me you love me, I say it back; back of my mind, I’m indifferent.”


Kevin Spotted Getting Cozy With Reality TV Star Jojo Zarur 

Two days ago, a video surfaced of Kevin spending quality time with Jojo on a city night. The footage shows Kevin wrapping his arm around Jojo’s waist after taking pictures with fans. That same night, Jojo and Kevin engaged in conversation during a live video at what appeared to be a dinner table.


The status of their relationship remained unclear to the public. By the following day, Kevin took to his Instagram account with a slight warning.

“I’ve been real positive with you guys and I just want you to know one thing,” Kevin said. “I’m not none of these old p***y a** rappers that walk around with security b***h a** n****s, if y’all play with anything I love…I hope everyone hears me, I’m ready to do a life sentence.”

Kevin didn’t make it clear whom the warning was about, but it’s obvious Jojo felt the message. She reposted it to her Instagram Story with the message “play with me if u want to.”

Jojo Says Kevin And Her Are Single & Mingling

By Thursday morning, Jojo let The Shade Room know that her encounter with Kevin is recent, but not new. In fact, Jojo clarified that she’s known Kevin for “over a decade.” She revealed that they’ve always been “great friends,” but recently reconnected. The former reality star confirmed that not only is she single, but so is Kevin!



Kevin Gates married Dreka, his high school sweetheart, in October 2015.

Kevin has previously suggested that he and Dreka might not be monogamous. Kevin and Dreka married in October 2015 — and they have been happily powering through various breakup rumors ever since.

In a 2015 interview with Complex, Kevin refused to call Dreka his longtime girlfriend, suggesting that she is much more than that. As he said, she is his best friend and life partner.

The couple has two children. Khaza Kamil Gates and Islah Koren Gates.

Back in 2020, the couple met together for an interview with Complex, where Kevin talked about how Dreka was the pivotal part of his life.

She is the truth of the truth. Show me a lady cut like this, the rapper said praising his wife.

Dreka was praised for always sticking by his side even when he was sentenced to prison.

Everything I tell her, she manifests it. He continued to forgive me for a lot of bulls**t that I was doing.

When Dreka was asked about her willingness to forgive people, she said: It”s easy for me because I have a different understanding of what”s happening. I am not looking at it because this is something he is doing to me. No, he”s doing it for himself.

Meanwhile, Dreka was out here tending her fruitful garden this morning. No word yet on how she feels about Super General or Jojo’s claims of her hubby being a single man!

Kissy's Thoughts

This is nothing new. It’s exactly what most black women go through. Oftentimes I don’t feel like a woman having dignity, respect for herself and being with a black man go together. It’s like if you want to be with most of them, You have to diminish your self-love and go along for the ride.

I’ve seen tons of women stay down, loyal, get cheated on, beat on, have fights wit the side chicks and the men still aren’t happy, because you can’t fake LOVE.  Men are often-times move LOYAL to the woman who is willing to be dogged out, than they are in LOVE.

Meanwhile other women go through break-up after break-up, trying to find a good faithful man.

However when you stay down for a celebrity, the come-up is FAME. Fame in exchange for the embarrassment. Other women get embarrassed and pretty much nothing but their time wasted and youth drained.

They say a man is only as faithful as his options, and  men like Kevin get the panties thrown at them. Meanwhile Lori Harvey just dumped a man who wanted her to be his everything.

What are your thoughts?