Floyd Mayweather Confirms Daughter YaYa now PREGNANT by NBA YoungBoy [video]

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Back in April, YaYa Mayweather was arrested for assault after a violent incident with another girl at her boyfriend, NBA Young Boy‘s Texas home.

Many people felt sorry for her, because she’s a young girl who is head over heels in love.

NBA Young Boy YaYa

Now, her father Floyd Mayweather, has confirmed that YaYa is pregnant by her rapper boyfriend.

NBA YoungBoy, 21, currently has 5 kids, and is said to have another woman currently pregnant.

YaYa Mayweather pregnant NBA YoungBoy

Should the public simply be happy for women in toxic relationships and say nothing?

I’m just going to say, Congrats! 🙅‍♀️

Cause lord knows we are haters if we speak any real truth. And we also know in the black community that toxic relationships are the norm and quite acceptable to the sleeping folks. And we have to stay out of people’s business. Cause how dare ANYONE tell a black woman that she deserves better.