How It Feels To Have A Heart Living In A Stone Cold World

by | Love & Relationships

Every time I think about how others could be a better person, to other people, I think of how I could be a better person to other humans, and to myself.

Everything we judge outside of ourselves whether good or bad, is simply a television screen of our judgments against ourselves.

When I see a drop dead gorgeous woman, and I tell her that she’s beautiful, and she’s consciously awoke, she’ll tell me how I am only a reflection of herself.  At least that’s what one of the more recent women did, and I now ponder why I didn’t stop her for a second, and engage her in conversation, seeing as to how she was at a certain state of awarenesses? Maybe I thought she was in a rush, or maybe I thought I was in a rush to go back to wherever I was going, as if I had no other choice. Or as if time wouldn’t stop and take a pause for me, if I asked it to.

Being an ambivert who sometimes may forget to change that personality to one more suitable for the environment which though currently has presence in, I could see how I could possibly miss a some things, moments, and memories that could’ve been beautiful experiences. I think maybe I should talk more, without being afraid that maybe I’m talking too much, interrupting, and everything as if my presence isn’t a presence, and EVERYTHING I SAY IS GOLD.

If that resonates with you, perhaps you’ll see your own HIGH LEVEL of community.  Why would you not want to bless a fellow human with a conversation from you?  I mean besides, you’re only like a miracle that knows all, because you have a strong network, and can get people whatever help they may need.