Ex-NFL Channing Crowder Says Ciara Only Got With Russell Wilson Because Of His Money; Calls Russ A Square And Goofball

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Social media is a bit disgusted with the recent comments made by Ex-NFL Channing Crowder on THE PIVOT podcast.

Crowder stated something that has been said as a narrative about Ciara and Russell Wilson, and Future for years.

If you don’t know the backstory, Ciara dated, Bow Wow, 50 Cent & Future. All of them ran her through the mud and made her look bad. Especially future who got Ciara pregnant then called off the engagement.

Then one day Ciara popped up with Russell Wilson and people initially assumed that Russell was not taking Ciara seriously.

BSO reports:

Ciara allegedly asked GOD to send her a god-fearing nice man, and that is when Russell Wilson came in to save her. They have been married for several years now and have a couple of kids on their own, but it always sparks a discussion on how someone could go from Future to Russell Wilson and if Wilson is a “Square” or “Cornball.”

Crowder basically said what many people were thinking, and it got social media talking.

Former NFL pro, now host on The Pivot Podcast, Channing Crowder is the latest person to share his unwanted two cents about Russell Wilson being “cool enough” to bag Ciara, and social media is dragging him for it deservingly so.

A clip from an episode of the show has now gone viral featuring Crowder claiming that if it wasn’t for his money, Ciara wouldn’t even have looked his way. “If Russell if ain’t have that bread, Ciara ain’t gon be with him,” the former Miami Dolphin ridiculously claimed. “Russell square, Ciara has a good situation, but you don’t leave Future and get with Russell Wilson.”

Fans of Ciara quickly chimed in to set the record straight.

Kissy's Thoughts

This is hilarious. These dudes actually believe that Russell Wilson is not highly attractive to women. He’s a perfect gentleman, not toxic, appreciates his wife, shows her off, helps her with her business and doesn’t embarrass her.

Future was a total embarrassment to Ciara. Smart women don’t care about loud swag anymore. They care about love, care and compatibility.

Not to mention, Russell Wilson is a boss and an allstar.