How To Mirror The Confidence, Beliefs & Mindset Of The World’s Successful Influencers

Social media is a beast. I often wonder why people use it, but don’t realize the power of it. You can literally use social media in order to manifest a whole new life.

The other day I was on Facebook looking at the feeds of some of the people I grew up in the projects with. We live two completely different lives… Not because I’m smarter than them, but because of my confidence.

I remember being teased by them, because I was different. I always had these absurd ideas that I was supposed to be rich. That I would grow up and live a life of luxury.

Nobody believed me. Not even my grandmother. I remember telling my grandmother when I was 6-years-old that I was going to have a maid when I grew up. She shook her head and laughed at me. Back in the projects, everyone thought I was crazy. One time granny even told me the world didn’t revolve around me. I told her it did.

You see from a very early time, I just knew what I knew. I remember being on the playground at school with my tinted glasses, my lil pink skirt with my pink Payless shoes, taking a picture with my coat wide open. Posing, like a model.

I was born with so much confidence, that no one could tell me anything. Not kids in the neighborhood, not my grandmother and not the poverty that surrounded me at the time. I knew I was born for greater.

That confidence, would cause me to become a lover of books. It helped me to become a track star. It helped me to become point guard in high school, while my grandmother asked why I didn’t decide to become a cheerleader instead.

Later in life, despite going through a few bad relationships, I still believed that I should be treated like a Queen. So I walked like one. I talked like one. I did things for my man that only a Queen would do. For it takes a Queen to attract a Queen. Then one day I looked around and I’d attracted lots of millionaire men to me, who absolutely adore me and speak life into me.

But if I wasn’t confident, I would’ve given up a long time ago, and simply accepted being mistreated. I would’ve accepted men who didn’t see me. But I knew better, and raised my frequency.

At one point I was homeless and came up with this brilliant idea to start a blog. People told me “No one is going to read your blog. You won’t make any money from it.” One girl kicked me out her house after telling me that my blog wouldn’t make more than $5 per year, because hers didn’t. But once again, that good ole confidence of mine kicked in. Not only did my blog make me money, but it eventually had me making 6 Figures per year.

Before that blog, the homelessness came after leaving an abusive relationship. I was in love, but my confidence, said that I deserved better and that I would get better.

In May I walked away from my 6 figure blog after having a spiritual awakening. I decided to get baptized and become a life coach to help others. It was scary walking away from that blog. I put years of work into it it. I put years of love into my followers. But I was confident enough to believe that I could make being a life coach work out. After all God gave me a divine appointment to speak his word to people and wake them up.

And guess what? Clients started enrolling in my coaching programs that are thousands of dollars. I’ve changed my life so many times. I don’t know where I would be without confidence.

Part of my desire to help others came from reading the thousands of comments on my blog and watching people not chasing their dreams. Because they didn’t believe in themselves.

Nothing changes in your life, unless you believe you are worthy of it. Feeling worthy once again requires confidence.

From being a celebrity blogger and an influencer I amassed nearly 1 million followers through my social media channels. That came with LOTS of haters. I mean people literally created fake pages to harass me and still do. I could block people and they were so obsessed with me, that they’d create a new page, or still continue to follow me and read my content.

They couldn’t get enough of me. Confidence makes people extremely attracted to you. You know why? Because confidence is power. When you’re around a confident person it rubs off on you.  You know what else I was able to do as an influencer? Hundreds of people have inboxed me to tell me how much I’m positively influenced them by inspiring them to want more, to have more empathy and to simply live…

Right now you may be watching other girls get wealthy men and wonder how they did it. Like Blac Chyna.  You don’t have to figure it out anymore. Confidence and alignment attracts everyone you want.  I would know because my inboxes attract millionaires on a daily basis.  I attract people who adore me effortlessly. Sometimes those people are celebrities.

With 2019, a few days away, I know many women are about to set New Yeas Day goals.  Probably the same goals you set last year. To get the man, to get the job, to get the bag, to live that dream life. To be the woman you always wanted to be.

But Sis, you can’t accomplish those things without confidence.

While I’m manifesting my dreams and living my best life, I see so many other people stuck. Stuck in jobs they hate, stuck in relationships that keep them miserable. Stuck being confused and not knowing what to do with their life. And most of all I see too many people afraid to be themselves.

You ever think, that your dream husband could be waiting on you to get confident enough to radiate an essence that draws him to you? For you to get on Youtube and finally create those videos?  But you won’t meet him if you’re still stuck in a bad relationship, because you’re not confident enough to leave. Or you’re hiding behind the keyboard, afraid to let people see you. Cause you’re not confident in who you are or your message.

For some you know you are fully capable of making 6 figures or more, but you’re not making it.. For others, you can’t get past a certain 6-Figure amount no matter how hard you work. Believe it or not, confidence is holding you back.  The bigger the dream, the bigger the goal, the more confidence it requires.

Confidence is a state of mind.  It takes training.  The good news is anyone can learn — with the right teacher. Come get some of this Kissy confidence! Everyone who knows me will tell you that I’m confident AF! When I was homeless with $5 in my pocket, you still couldn’t tell me nothing. Always know who you are!

Low confidence causes people to  fear the unknown, fear criticism, to walk around unhappy, and to neglect their personal appearance.. Often when we lack confidence in ourselves it is because of what we believe others will think of us.  You think others will laugh at you or feel that you’re boring. Or you think they will say that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Perhaps you fear being ignored all together.

Thinking like this can prevent us from doing things we want or need to do because we believe that the consequences are too painful or embarrassing.

I’ve been through many trials and tribulations in life, but lack of confidence was never a major factor.  If I cared what people thought of me, I wouldn’t have nearly 1 million followers. I know how it feels to make 6 figures, because I had the  confidence to believe that I could. I’m so confident that I laugh at haters.

Everything you want out of life, starts with who you are on the inside.

As the Queen of Confidence I am here to assist you making sure that your 2019 will be a year of major accomplishments  and achievement in your personal life and finances.   PROGRESS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT! You can write down all the goals you want, but if you don’t have the confidence to do what it takes to make it happen, it won’t come into fruition.

To do my part in helping heal the world, I’m hosting an intimate online webinar called –  CONFIDENCE UNLEASHED – How To Mirror The Confidence, Beliefs & Mindset Of The World’s Successful Influencers.

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As a bonus the first 15 signups will receive  a free 15 minute phone/video consultation with me Kissy Denise. During this call we will heal your biggest confidence block and get you going in the direction of your dreams.

I’ve seen people literally change over night, after speaking to me for 30 minutes.  I’ve seen souls transform into a higher more confident version of themselves after just one phone consultation session.

Modesty is great, but right now I must tell you the truth.  When it comes to inspiring other people, I have a gift that comes from God above. I can’t take credit for the power. I was born to heal the self-esteem of those who connect with me.  So the phone call alone is priceless.

But you’re going to get all of that for the price of $200.

Even better, it’s after Christmas, but it’s not too late to gift a friend.  You will receive a coupon to gift a friend with half off.

You and your friend will both walk away believing in yourself.

This course is for serious women  and men who want more out of life. You do not have to settle for men who don’t see the Queen in you.

Are you ready to be confident in order to manifest your best life!!?

Remember, No one can be happy, without confidence. It’s the key to living a joyful fulfilling life.
It’s the reason why some women get the wealthy man you dream about. It’s the reason that one girl keeps getting promotions at work. It’s also the reason some women stay in bad relationships. Lack of confidence keeps them there.
Believing in yourself and having confidence gives you the key to unlocking he world.
People who lack confidence and self-belief always underachieve. They’re less adventurous and less likely to get the most out of life.  Poverty is often the result of lack of confidence. 
In 2019 why let lack of confidence hold you back. The right teacher can teach you how to change your thoughts, in order to get what you want.
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