Why Do Black Men Think They Should Drag Women Through The Mud To Prove Loyalty?

by | Celebrity LOVE

I saw this post going viral on social media and shook my head after I finished reading it.

The post reads:

“So I was watching Gillie da kid podcast (MILLION DOLLAR WORTH OF GAME) last night .. old episode .. He said on his first date with his wife their bill was $150, he asked her can she pay for it, She did with no problem no questions, later that night after he dropped her off , he gave her $400 … she asked what was it for? He told her YOU had my back. I was testing you to see if I was F*** up out here ..could I count on you..

I wanted to see if she was after my pockets or my heart ..Then goes along to say this generation wants everything given to them and not knowing people motives or intentions.. before figuring out who they are as a person.. .

I knew Regina was solid from that day on .. almost 25 years together and I trust her with my life He mentioned that Regina has always been loyal to him and never wanted an extravagant lifestyle she even went to prison with me when i was arrested in 2007. She only spent 10 days in prison but never complained.. I did my time and hers .. because it was my fault with the whole situation.. her charges was eventually dismissed .. but she never brought it up. .. my life PARTNER.. my soulmate. .”

The post went viral with black men saying women like this don’t exist anymore and black women saying that they are tired of being dogged out, and ran through the mud by men.

While Gillie and his wife have been together for a minute, things have changed in the dating world. Black women are excelling, healing their femininity, making more money, and reaching greater heights of self-love while having higher expectations of men.

This is the real reason why so many people in the black community are single. If a man does not know how to treat a woman like the Goddess she is, then she will refuse to be in a committed relationship with him. Like who has time to go to jail for a man???

Meanwhile single men are not catching on and are continuing to feed into the narrative that women are second class citizens only good for what they do and how much crap they can take from a man.