Do Black Men Expect Their Woman To Struggle Financially?

by | Love & Relationships

It’s not that black men want their woman to struggle financially.

It’s that you DATE/ATTRACT black men who aren’t providers.

Black men who do provide tend to be older and high frequency.

If you’re dating a 33-year-old entrepreneur even when he’s enlightened, chances are he’s still looking for a “helpmate” as in someone to build an empire with and he believes a hard working, money getting woman will do.

He hasn’t dated enough strong, powerful, drop dead gorgeous black women who told him that they didn’t need him for sh*t yet.

It may take him another 10+ years before he understands the balance of masculinity and femininity. As most of his friends are masculine women…. That’s who he gets advice from.

Also when you are dating a hood dude, femininity does not work on them most times. In fact they will exploit it.

It’s not hard to decide what kind of man you want, and eliminate immediately any man who is not that.

You’re not forced to be single. Nor are you forced to settle for less. But you are forced to level up, and stand on what you believe in.

If you don’t believe in 50/50 stop doing it. Stop accepting it.

But just know that masculine men who provide most times have FEMININE REQUIREMENTS that they want you to meet as a woman.

Are you really ready to be that? Are you truly ready to heal at a deep level? Are you ready to be vulnerable?

If not, you won’t be able to match his vibration.

Frankly it may be easier for you to just be the masculine woman, get money, tell men what to do, and do you.

There is literally someone for everyone.