Why do you believe in your BUSINESS, more than you believe in YOURSELF?

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Entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing. But what I noticed most about many brilliant entrepreneurs, is that they believe in their BUSINESS, more than they believe in themselves.

They pour 10’s and thousands of dollars into their BUSINESS, and make investment after investment in their BUSINESS, hoping it will SOMEDAY pay off big, while failing to make investments in themselves.

You are not your business. Your business is separate from you. Because if you don’t take care of your body, your business will still thrive, until you die.  Then someone ELSE will have to run that business for YOU.

That’s how you know you’re not your business.  Now, if you were to take care of your health, then you will be around to run your business.

But here is the thing. Business doesn’t have to be so hard. Making money  was never meant to be hard. But it will be hard if you operate in masculine energy or fail to make PERSONAL INVESTMENTS in yourself.

Like spending $50K on building a website, but spending $0K on a MINDSET COACH or BUSINESS coach that would actually help you shift your mindset, and remove your limited beliefs, so that your business would become profitable.

The world has shifted. It’s no longer about walking around looking a stressed hot mess, with a struggling business, while you’re constantly clocking into a 9-5 that you’re tired of, and watching everyone else live their best life on Instagram.

Did it ever occur to you that the people on Instagram who are living their best life, have INVESTED in themselves?

The rule to life is to ALWAYS BET ON YOURSELF.  But many don’t, because you believe your business will make money if you keep pouring money into it, but you don’t believe that pouring money into yourself would bring in profit too….

That’s the thing about people who live in the matrix. They believe they have to WAIT and STRUGGLE before they can live their best life. And even then they have a lot of doubt. They don’t TRULY believe their business will be SUCCESSFUL.

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