A Goddess multiplies her husband’s business through love

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People who say marriage isn’t for everyone, are the people who don’t have God’s LOVE in their heart.
They believe that they are going against societal norms.
But what they are doing is falling for the negativity of society and the beliefs of those who haven’t healed their hearts enough to experience an abundance of love.
Saying you don’t want to get married is really saying “I’ll never fall in love,” or “I’m tired of being hurt and disappointed.” It’s allowing a negative experience to control your paradigm. It’s carrying baggage and negative beliefs that don’t belong to your soul.
When a woman says marriage isn’t for everyone it’s a big sign that she also hasn’t been fully loved, protected, provided for, and covered by a man. It’s a clear sign that she works hard in life and does it all on her own. It’s a clear sign that she’s never found a true King.  
Chances are she will look up to some other unmarried, powerful women who has also never felt the raw power of a rare God King.
But a woman who has been fully covered by a man, chances are will think differently.  Like the women who cashed out millions after a divorce, from a husband who didn’t abuse her, and maybe it simply didn’t work out. She has no reason to think negatively of marriage.  To her marriage is a good thing, because she comes out a winner. 

The woman who entered a 50/50 marriage and bent over backwards, and became the nanny and the maid for a cheating man, will have a very negative disposition on marriage; when she doesn’t take self-accountability.  So will a man who entered such a relationship.  Not that those relationships don’t minutely work. But by God’s law they are bound to fail, because it’s backwards. The divine feminine and divine masculine must be properly balanced in relationships.
divine feminine and masculine

Anything is bound to fail when divine love isn’t involved. Anything is bound to fail when you move too far away from God. 
Real love draws you in close and deep. You want the connection to last forever. It makes a woman feel like she’s found a place called home.  It’s where her inner beacon and light has been guiding her the whole time. A woman is encoded to yearn for a masculine, alpha provider who values her and protects her heart. 
When one refuses to accept that the most important thing in this world is love, they will spend a majority of their lives chasing money, and never fully living.
They’ll rush to the finish line, and later look back and see that it was all about the journey, and that they should’ve made time for love along the way.
Not to mention, working hard in the garden is for men. Women are supposed to be available to LOVE.
It’s what she was created for….To be loved by a man. But negative experiences cause her to take the position of “I don’t need a man.”
Woman wasn’t created to work her life away.
A woman wasn’t created to be respected for her business knowledge.
Women with business knowledge are the Goddesses of the world. But even she is called for divine love.
The only reason she embodies business knowledge is because she is called to be with the greatest of men; a God King.
Her mindset is a flourishing vessel that helps him manifest. She has to understand his business and multiply his business, through love.
She pours love into his business by the way she speaks to him, the way she looks at him, the way she caresses him, the way she sexes him, and the way she motivates him by being a divine muse of intellectual appeal, charisma, sexual allure, inner and outer beauty, a pleasing aroma, a touch that delights, words the stroke and invoke, a warm heart, and her submission to his leadership.
Notice nothing about working hard is mentioned, or putting hands on his business. It’s unnecessary for a woman.
Tis why every Goddess must learn to operate her business from feminine flow.
Just like you can’t chase money, you can’t chase a man either. You must allow them both to come to you. You call them in.
This is when you are in your power to multiply. This is when a God King is highly attracted to you, and wants his seed in you.
Your love and your heart, is how you birth a nation, an empire, and a legacy.
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