27-Year-Old Woman Breaks Down Crying On IG Live Cause Her 19-year-old boyfriend NLE Choppa Dumped Her — He Responds

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NLE Choppa, 19, and his girlfriend Marissa Da’Nae ended their relationship and like most over-giving, heart-centered, unconscious women, the 27-year-old model is not handling the breakup well at all.


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The couple hasn’t disclosed the reason for the split. However,  Marissa is on social media pouring her heart out.

Despite man not agree on their age separation, the model shared a few tweets about the bond believes she shares with the rapper.  She called the 19-year-old rapper the “best man” she ever had, along with saying she’s thankful to experience her softer side from being with such an enlightened man. (If you’re not aware, the kid is woke.)

Marissa then followed up by sharing an emotional video on Thursday. On Instagram live, she spoke about how hard it is coping with her new reality.

“I have [given] myself to one man for a year […] You go through so much with that person and my healing process, I can’t tell y’all how hard it is for me to sleep […] how hard it is for me to get up, and face reality because this was not my reality a week ago. I can’t tell y’all; how hard it is because I love so hard and I love harder and harder and harder every time and this one hurts the most because I really thought I was gonna marry this man,” she said in a video as she cried.


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NLE Chopper Sympathizes With Ex-GF Marissa After Public Outcry

NLE Choppa is understanding of how his ex feels it seems. The rapper defended her emotional revelation on IG live after clips from the confession went viral.

Some people don’t know how to grieve, that’s something I have to understand. If they do it publicly, privately, or whatever atleast they letting there hurt out. That’s the detox. Understand that some people love hard, So certain things hit them HARDER !

At one point Marissa lost the child that they were expecting together. So it’s definitely been a journey.

According to the social media grapevine, Blue Face broke up with her because she wouldn’t let him cheat in peace. He wasn’t ready to settle down or be in a committed relationship.

Kissy's Thoughts

I’m like, If one more woman cries about  breaks down crying, cause she thought she was going to marry that man. Join The Club Sis.

When a man decided he’s done, they don’t give zero phucks. You can cry, tweet, let them know you still love them and blah, blah, blah.

They see the tears, but they don’t understand the pain. In their mind, you are a woman. Go find you a new man. It’s really that simple.

But women/especially when it’s you in the situation don’t see things that clearly. You lay there on the couch feeling like a part of you had died, heart broken wide open, still wanting what it wants. You may spend months or years healing, hoping, wishing and praying they come back.

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