Yung Miami Says She Loves Diddy Down To The Veins In His D!

by | Celebrity LOVE

We can all see that Diddy is a man who brings that big d*ck energy, but rapper Yung Miami is in love with Diddy all the way down to the D baby, and we’re not talking Detroit.

Yung Miami has already proclaimed she and Diddy “go together real bad,” but her latest message on Twitter is taking things a step further.

On Friday (September 2), the host of REVOLT’s Caresha Please podcast posted a meme with a simple caption of a heart. The message reads bluntly, “I love this n-gga down to the veins in his d!”

Fans quickly commented on the post, adding their two cents. “When you single but go together. she just having fun. How can you not love her?!” one fan wrote. Another added, “Chile whatever brother Love have her Ion want it.”

I remember being in love like that. It’s such a good feeling. 🤣🤣🤣 Except I was in a relationship.

That’s also a sign of some really good d*ck…

Diddy does a lot of Yung Miami’s career, just as much as dating her keeps him in the spotlight.