How To Stop Attracting Men Who Want To Take Up Your Time For Free

It is the woman with the least amount of information, who suffers in her relationships, and is undervalued by the men she loves.

You don’t have to deal with men who selfishly want your time without feeding into your feminine essence. Attract men who want to spoil you and invest in you today.

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Have you ever wondered why the dusties, low budgets, and totally despicable men, always seem to find you and expect your time for free, no matter how hard you work on yourself?

You’re tired of:
❌ Men Who Borrow your car and bring it back on E
❌ Dating men who take you to buy one get one free
❌ Dating men who let you pull out your own card at the mall
❌ Being taken through the drive-thru of Popeyes with a man in the car
❌ Men who wont even open your car door for you
❌ Bussing it wide open for men n going home with a wet azz and an empty purse
❌ Pulling out your card because you're afraid his will be rejected
❌ Going half on everything, while he sticks his WHOLE 🍆 in you.
❌ Being told you're masculine AF
❌ Men who always want to phuck, but don't give AF about you
You can wake up any day now and start dating men who say “Baby, you can have whatever you like.”

This mini course will pull you out of that rut bucket and get you on your path to attracting high value men who adore you and want to spoil you.


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