Draya Michelle Sues Ex NFL Player Boyfriend Tyrod Taylor Over A House He No Longer Wants Her In

by | Celebrity LOVE

Draya Michele may be on the NBA’s latest baby mama’s but all is not well. The Mint Swim entrepreneur is hauling her ex-boyfriend, Tyrod Taylor into court,… accusing him of not being a man of his word.

She recently filed a lawsuit against the NFL quarterback, claiming he screwed her over on a house deal.

In the suit, obtained by TMZ Sports, the 39-year-old model said that “Tyrod purchased a Los Angeles-area home back in August 2022 … and let Draya and her kids move in. She claims that at the time, she entered into a verbal pact with the 34-year-old signal-caller that would allow her to one day buy it from the football player.

She says the two agreed that any contributions that Draya made to the property — such as improvements to the place or mortgage payments — would go toward the final purchase price of the home … if she ultimately chose to buy it.

She says the two never formally entered into a written contract — as they were still dating at the time.

Draya says in the suit she went on to offer Taylor $2.8 million for the place … and when he countered at $3.2 mil in January 2024, she accepted. She claims she then poured nearly $300K into the residence — believing it’d go toward the price she agreed to pay for the home.

Draya, though, says Taylor “surprisingly” pulled the rug out from underneath her recently … and is now threatening to evict her. She states he’s also refusing to sell her the property.

Draya is suing for, among other things, breach of contract … and is asking for unspecified damages.

Draya and Taylor reportedly began dating back in 2020 — but split sometime in 2023. Draya is now romantically involved with NBA star Jalen Green … and just gave birth to the 22-year-old’s child last month.”

Draya is a beautiful woman who catches the admiration of a ton of ballers.  But she simply doesn’t make sense.  Number one is by now she should know that nothing major that a man buys her like a house or a car is hers, unless she has her name on it.

Next, she moved on with a 22-year-old NBA player who looks better and makes more money. And she moved on fast on top of getting pregnant by the kid. It’s almost common sense that the ex would either get upset, jealous, or just look down upon her.

I don’t know what she was expecting.  Not to mention, can’t your new baby daddy buy you a house? And lastly, Draya is in Hollywood, she knows a man’s word means absolutely nothing. It has to be in writing.

In response to the suit Tyrod issued a warning.

Looks like he’s not giving up the house without a fight.