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by | Boss Babes

Rather you are single or in a relationship, this message applies to you.

A healthy, wealthy, high value, conscious man desires to meet a woman who knows HOW TO RECEIVE FROM HIM. You can not receive from a man when you don’t love your feminine self or you’re too busy running your mouth about nothing.

What does that mean?  When you go to dinner are you doing all of the talking? What are you talking about? Chances are darling, you’re not saying things that deeply connect to his heart.

He can see a woman who doesn’t love herself or isn’t tapped into her femininity from a mile away.

He knows you don’t trust him, let alone trusting yourself. When you lack trust of yourself or men, you may feel unsafe in this world.

Therefore,  he doesn’t give you anything.

You the one who is quick to click LIKE on the comment from the masculine woman who is trying HER BEST to attract high value men with her looks, but only attracts men who hit her with the bill, while she says she’s waiting on Jesus to send her a man, and showing off her new big ole booty, that conscious high value men don’t even want. And it’s not like there is not always a finer chick with a bigger booty…

I mean even if you don’t have more money than HER, the other girls, that’s still not making you WIN HIM. It only has you alone with your big booty and your accolades…

The thing about women, even when we are smart, is when are feminine core is unhealed we have the tendency to operate backwards in relationships.

The masculine pushing energy that makes many highly intelligent women initially successful in business tends to hits an income ceiling. That same masculine energy also does not work in relationships. It doesn’t matter whether the man is conscious or unconscious, chances are he wants a feminine woman.

Operating as a masculine woman, limits your ability to RECEIVE to receive money and men at the highest levels. Which means there is a limit on the amount of love that a masculine woman can receive from the world.

Rather it’s chasing money or desiring love, you can’t avoid the work of pulling back your layers, and working deeply on your inner self.

High Value Men desire to meet a woman who knows HOW TO RECEIVE FROM HIM.

He wants trust and respect. He wants you to listen to his wisdom.

How many times have you ignored that man’s wisdom, yet you want him to LOVE you, spend more time with you, trust you, invest his resources into you, get rid of all of his other women, and look at you like you’re the one?


You don’t have to read that last line over, but I advise you to.


If you know everything, you have your own money, and can do everything for yourself, what do you need him for?

Cause I promise you he knows that he has way more than just handicapped d*ck to offer you.

But I mean if that’s the only thing that you can seem to receive… he’s like come get this d*ck.

You have 3 kind of men with money:

1. Some are only good for money, cause their character and the way they treat women isn’t loving.
2. Some will give you money, but it’s really nothing to a boss. He’s waiting to see how happy you’re going to be with trinkets and how many tricks he can get you to do. After he’s done, he’ll toss you, on to the next.
3. Some men will give you money, but he knows the KNOWLEDGE he imparts in you is WAY more valuable. Why would he keep you if your brain is a brick that won’t receive him?

Notice I didn’t include 50/50 males. Lots of women love them. They are not in my vocabulary. They don’t exist.

Anyway, conversation rules the nation. One of my ex’s taught me that.

What kind of conversation are you having with the man of your dreams?

Chances are, you’re talking too much, doing too much, and not showing up being enough.

Those fake conversations where you hide behind words, doesn’t allow a King to get to know you.

Your fear of getting hurt repels the love you desire.

And that know it all, do it all on your own attitude, well baby, that’s how you got in a 50/50 relationship.

It’s the energy you showed up with. A man who was willing to meet you there showed up.

The man you really want, the dream man, well he out here looking for a Goddess with that special kind of energy who knows how to talk to him. He doesn’t fall for fake sweet words. He is going to recognize the root of the fruit from the tree.

Baby, it takes COURAGE to be a Goddess, raise your standards, heal your wounds, love yourself and EXPECT BETTER. This ain’t no skip the treadmill but say you’re a badd b*tch type of convo.

It’s a dang, this is different, learning and knowing my truths may not initially feel good… But my truths are the path to feeling good and having what I want, kind of decision. (Feel that)

That’s where I come in at. Guiding you into you high vibrational feeling states, understanding the MAGIC of SELF-LOVE, GOD, MONEY & CONSCIOUS HIGH VALUE RELATIONSHIPS.

If you’re currently dating or COUPLED in a relationship that you want to move into the realm of experiencing extraordinarily deep love that most people only dream about, PM me NOW and ask about my 90 day Soul Alignment/Dream LOVE intensive.

It’s a 1-1 private container where you will receive proven high value LOVE strategies for attracting a sacred soulmate in 3-12 months or improve your current relationship.  It’s relationship maintenance.  Don’t wait till you’re at divorce court before you seek to make things better.

Now here is the thing. I’ve had clients in the past who attracted them RIGHT AWAY, but this is about MAINTAINING IT. If you don’t go through the full transformation you won’t be able to maintain it. (I.E. The ones who got A RESULT FAST and thought it was okay to stop paying…only to later inform me that Mr. had left them… you can’t cheat the process)

Working with me immediately attracts a swarm of high value potential mates to CHOOSE FROM. I mean they will come out of nowhere. You will be like “WTF! This whole time, I could’ve had this. This is so much fun.”

We don’t do pick me over here.

Getting clarity on what you desire, healing your blocks, understanding the opposite sex, Integrating new levels of your feminine/masculine empowerment will not only help create healthy love but it will also help you manifest WEALTH too.

When you are intentional in your dating, relationships, life and business, along with a little magic manifestation strategy you will find yourself living the life of your dreams TODAY, not tomorrow.