Sacred Soul Alignment Healing Sessions | Energy Upgrade & Mindset Reset

1 Hour – Healing, Strategy & Alignment Session


Kissy Denise

⭐️ Ever lost sight of who you are, after going through a spiritual awakening or elevating from your past identity?

⭐️ Experiencing a spiritual awakening or dark transformation of your soul?  

⭐️ Ready to move deeper into the light and live from a state of gratitude and abundance?

Are you a highly successful business owner who meditates, practices gratitude, says affirmations and and does all of the things, in order to get the Universe to give you what you want, 

And yet it’s not happening.

You're high vibe and know how to manifest.  But suddenly find yourself blocked, unable to access your next level.

Tired of being stuck at 6 Figures?

Does your heart yearn to experience the realest, most deepest love?

This is where I come in at. 

Your income, bank account, lifestyle and relationships are a reflection of your confidence. When you are willing to move despite fear + choose trust even when it doesn’t make sense… getting what you want is guaranteed.

There's something you're not choosing. 

Book a Sacred Soul Alignment Healing Intensive to: 

  • Get closer to God
  • Receive a Soul Aligned 7 Figure Strategy
  • Experience the deepest love
  • Embody your highest, most authentic self
  • Trust, Feel safe, remove your blocks, and no longer fear others 

There are so many beautiful souls in this world, who want to do great things with your life. You desire to create impact on those around you, and for everyone to know your name.

Listen, you only have so much time on earth, yet time is an illusion and you are unlimited in your capacity to do the impossible.

Walk into your to next level of fulfillment, healing, freedom, purpose, prosperity and flow, so that you can live the life of your dreams.

You don't have what you want right now, because you have a block.  You've done the shadow work, healing work, downloaded pdf after pdf, read the bible, sought forgiveness, put in the effort, and still you don't have your next level. 

Sometimes the key to your next level is locked into someone else that can help you unlock your mind. 

 I am a Prophetess, leading elite,  high-performing executives into expansive alignment to manifest more joy by living in flow.  

WHAT IS FLOW? Flow is doing the divine work of simply being who God called you to be.   Are you ready to step into the next version of you, on your path to ascension enlightenment and meeting your highest self? Have you downloaded every freebie, watched several masterclasses, hired a few coaches and still no breakthrough?  

If you answered yes to any of the  above questions, you need to schedule your YOUnique, customized Summer Soul Sacred healing session.  A session starts with you telling me who you are, where you come from, and what is your vision for you life.

Together we will dissolve the boundaries that are stopping you from manifesting that.

This is all about you experiencing MORE of what you would like from life. The energy healing session is a very divine approach to release and clear out your energy fields of any blocks you may be experiencing. I use different tools to cleanse and clear your energy field. I also use my intuition and tap into source to receive divine downloads for you,  during the sessions. Once we are done releasing, we bring LOVE and LIGHT into your energy fields and into your physical body. 

You're abundant. You already know you're called for more. You're already doing it. You're walking into your purpose. The idea of having more out of life turns you on just as much as sex. You're already living your best life, but you know it gets better... Better if you could just get past that block,  smash through everything and coming out on the other side feeling super successful in all things.

You study with unquenchable hunger. You're good at everything you do. But this one block you just can't seem to get through....    Do you look around at your life and feel like something is missing?   What you need is alignment of your soul goals.  Sit down with Kissy for a power hour where she will help you gain clarity on your next steps whether it's to manifest a soulmate, heal your heart, discover your purpose, build a 7 figure life of abundance,  advance your network, or to take your thriving empire to the next level. Kissy is the go to spiritual guide when it comes to helping high performers, millionaires, high ticket spiritual coaches and celebrities remove the blocks that are holding you back from manifesting your most authentic self. 

You came here to fulfill your soul's purpose. You are here to share your magnificent gifts with the world. You are here to bring light and shift the world in your own special way. 

During the session we:

  • Get together in person, spend 1 hour and 30 mins connecting with the divine spirit, and call in your highest self, to provide clarity on your spiritual gifts and soul goals.. You'll receive an amazing, ground breaking, divine business or personal branding strategy to accomplish achievement of your mission, expeditiously.
  • Instant boost of CONFIDENCE and GRATITUDE. You'll become happier than you've ever felt in your entire life.
  • Allow in clarity to receive your next steps.
  • HEAL you from things of the past, that no longer serve you. Like, guilt, anger, lack of fulfillment and old childhood wounds that hold you back. We will rewrite your storyline.
  • Remove blocks and tap into your intuitive soul’s gifts, strategic brand, and and get to the root of what's holding you back from more expansion. We do all of this because it is in alignment with who you are!
  • Strategic and Soulful Brand Acceleration that gets you seen, heard and loved.
  • Resulting in an immediate energetic shift that puts you in alignment with your highest self. #Breakthrough!

The Secret To Getting High Value Man


Kissy Denise boasts the most groundbreaking, HIGH VIBE, soul transforming alignment sessions on the planet.  These are not sessions that anyone can just do. 

Kissy is called to work with the best of the best, the top 1% of the world of spiritual souls who are called according to his purpose.  She helps spiritual life coaches, executives, millionaires, and the elite, magical souls of the world who do the impossible. 

If you're stuck, in a rut, not knowing how to break through to your next level, wanting to reignite your passion and gain clarity on your soul's purpose, and expand beyond what you ever thought you were capable of, Kissy is the woman you want to talk to. 

Kissy is known as - The Masterpiece | The Goddess of Love & Motivation. She boasts a tribe of more than half a million social media followers. 

She's change hundreds of lives and continues to touch people in only ways that she can. 

Kissy touches and heals people where they most need it. In the heart chakra.  As it is your HEART that most needs healing when you are a leader and a visionary.  

For many high performers, like and the people on the planet have smothered you and broken your heart time and time again, simply by not understanding you and needing you to be less of who God called you to be.  (If you don't like God, Kissy may not be a good fit for you. Although even if you don't Kissy's heart is known to touch non-believers and turn them into believers.)

We could go on and on about Kissy. But we'll let more of her clients tell you the story of just how much Kissy loves to see you win. 

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Kissy has seen and heard it all. She understands your need to move fast. You will be uniquely guided with the privacy of love. 

When you come to a session with Kissy be prepared to truly BE our authentic self and experience a magical connection with the divine. 

Kissy is a conscious creator and an anointed portal called to help elite, high trajectory souls, stop going in circles, and gain rapid clarity on your next move. 

Every client reports this being one of the most important phone calls of their lives. You will leave this call with a soul aligned strategy that specifically works for your soul. 

You will get new Abundance Codes downloads plus a miracle healing of your divine DNA.

Yes Kissy! I AM ready. Days Hours Minutes Seconds

You will receive a special appointment email after purchase, check your email in the next 3 hours. 


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