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Money Mindset Reset For Spiritual Entrepreneurs


Do you work really hard, but can’t seem to break a certain income ceiling?

Do you panic and become filled with fear at the thought of money running out or stopping?

Do you find yourself quickly spending money when you receive it, creating a feast and famine cycle (or some other kind of funky pattern that no longer serves you)?

Do you have a hard time feeling worthy of great riches?

Do you feel guilty for what you already have?

Do you feel like you should appreciate what you have, and you try to be grateful, but deep down inside you know you really want more?

Are you starting to feel like you may never be rich?

Do you feel like the Universe kind of hears you, yet still resists you and makes things difficult for you?


I truly understand. Because I almost gave up on my dreams, when those same feelings and limiting beliefs, had me walking around believing those thoughts to be true.

Maybe you’ve even sought out help that didn’t work. It didn’t work because no matter people’s intentions, sometimes they simply don’t understand what you’re going through.  I was raised in the projects and regardless of having an abundant mindset, I still carried many parts of a poverty mindset due to the environment I grew up in.

Despite suffering from a poverty mindset I still accomplished success at everything I set my mind to. But then the poverty mindset would catch up with me and cause a crash. I once experienced homelessness, abusive relationships, and only having $5 to my name.

At one point I told myself if I simply made $2,000 a month that I would be happy. Then I made $5,000 a month and I wanted more… Then I made $10,000 a month and I wanted more… At one point in my life I made $35,000 a month. But it was the $5,000 mark that taught me there is no such thing as too much money or being greedy.

At $35,000 a month I was slaving on a blog. At the time I had no idea that I didn’t have to work so hard….

The more money I made the harder I pushed myself, and the harder I worked.  I had no time for family, no time for friends and barely any time for fun. Despite being able to purchase most of what I wanted, a feeling of lack of fulfillment creeped in on me. I started to want even more. But how dare I want more when God had blessed me with so much already? How could a person who went from broke to balling at $300K+ a year sitting on her living room couch, have the nerve to not be satisfied with what I had?


I knew better than to not be grateful for my blessings. I tried with all my might. I even started to plan on buying a simple home, and accepting my life as it was… Acceptance… I was literally about to settle for less. Settle for less than the life I’d dreamed of.

Until one day I made a decision that I was going to stop caring about money until I figured out how to make money work for me.  I wasn’t working for money another day! The decision was final. My family thought I was going crazy as ordered book after book from my Amazon Prime. My beautiful clear desk was piled with stacks of new books.  I read self-help books for months… My desperation to figure life out lead to a spiritual awakening.  After that, I bought into millionaire coaches. Watched webinar after webinar. Read a few more books, read a few more free downloads, watched a few more videos. I did the most! I learned everything there was to know about life coaching and life… I thought… Yet I still didn’t have the answers.

What I ultimately learned was that the missing information was actually connected to my soul.  I developed a deeper connection to my spirituality. Which lead me to discovering  my purpose and gave me the understanding of how money works.

I would love to save you some time from suffering from information overload and still not having the necessary to acquire your personal freedom. That is the key to living the life you desire.

You’ve been programmed to believe that you have to work hard for money. To believe that you’re already getting more than your fair share, and to be happy with it.  You more than likely believe you’re lucky to have made 6 Figures.  Yet you spend the money just as fast as you get it. There’s always a need to make more and a worry in the back of your head that it won’t last, that it will eventually stop or run out.  Sometimes you even pray and God delivers, but it doesn’t change the lack you often feel.. It’s still not enough.

Despite clearing block after block, you still live in a constant state of panic while feeling mass appreciation for your blessings and life itself. That’s called the feast and famine cycle.

I know exactly how you feel and want to pull you out of that. Pull you out and eliminate the stress attached to finances.  That is no way to live.

It doesn’t matter one background you from when it comes to money. It’s all the same.

Whether you  come from money, are already making money or you’ve experienced scarcity and lack, having money doesn’t heal the madness. That is the lesson making tons of money taught me. 

Healing is absolutely necessary and also attracted more money to you as a bi-product. 

It’s all about feeling more empowered and setting new thought patterns and behaviors. 

Due to my deep spiritual growth and willing to walk away from being a 6-Figure celebrity blogger with 500,000 raving fans, I am now blessed with infinite downloads and divine wisdom to unlock souls who are being called to be more and to do more.

I’m now a Prophetess, Dream Activator and Abundance Guru.  It’s funny that at one point I had a boyfriend and he would upset me. He’d go to work and I’d end up making $5,000 that day and then $6,000 the next day. It happened each time I was frustrated with him… It was like a sign.. I had no idea how I did those manifestations at the time. But thankfully I know now.

Once you understand how money actually works, the amount you manifest can be instant and unlimited.

When you change your mentality around money, you change your experience of having money.


After all those months I spent studying, I changed the role money played in my life. I created new belief systems around money. I began to understand the purpose of money. I taught myself a process for shifting into an energetic state of receiving to attract money and co-creating my dreams. I learned to manifest quickly. I’ve spent the time since increasing my understanding of the vibrations of money, wealth, and overflow.

Money is soul-freeing, when it comes with wisdom.  With that wisdom I have the freedom to share my gifts with others. I’m able to travel and stay in the finest hotels, dine and 5-Star restaurants and order a nice bottle of wine with my steak dinner.  It has allowed me to employee others and pay them more than $3,000 a month for working from home. It has allowed me to hire mentors to teach me processes and how to use my healing capabilities.  At times it has even allowed me to help others who weren’t so abundant.  It has allowed me to help my mother and grandmother and spoil them a little. It allowed me to buy my son a brand new car when he graduated from high school.  I’ve even been able to fly my female friends to places they’ve never been before. Money has allowed me to walk in the Gucci store and buy wallets, shoes and watches for those I love, simply because I felt like it. It has allowed me to take groups of friends to dinner and pay the tab without a care in the world. Money has been a fun friend for me.

This is the way we are meant to see money, without any fear of it ever running out. So many fears and limited beliefs must be cleared from the minds of heart-centered entrepreneurs. Money is no longer a reason to not live your best life. I obviously cannot guarantee specific results with this course. I go hard and show up for myself. I will not lose. I will not stop until I get what I want. I can’t guarantee that you will show up for yourself the way I do. However, I can tell you that many people tell me how I help them shift their beliefs around money, success and manifesting the life of their dreams.

Getting the life you want is easy when you have someone supporting you through it. In the bible it says that if two people hold the same vision, it is surely to manifest itself. I’m creating this course to hold a space for you.

Here is what you will get:

Spiritual Abundance Training
Poverty Clearing
Master Manifesting Vortexting
Unstoppable Confidence & Self-Esteem Healing
Free Super Influencer Confidence Masterclass Webinar where we have a wine and crumpets night full of music and fun. (This is going to be a most memorable learning experience)
Identify and shift any and all limiting beliefs that are blocking the natural flow of money in your life. Expand your earning and receiving potential.
Integrate my process for shifting, changing and rearranging all ideas, beliefs, and energies that hold you back in your daily life.
Become willing to forgive and release everything and everyone that gave you the impression that you were less than deserving of your desires.
Understand the energy and frequency of money. Learn how to be an energetic match for money. From there, move into the energy of overflow / more-than-you-know-what-to-do-with.
Discover why it is of high service to the planet for you to be supported. Drop the guilt. (Hint: Good people do good things with money.)
Integrate trust and ease into the manifestation process. Allow money to come naturally and more easily than ever before.
Access to Mastermind Group
Weekly Video Group Call
Weekly Videos
Bonus: Free Autographed Copy of my new 12 Principles of Unstoppable Confidence Book.
Bonus: Meditations & Workbooks
Super Bonus: A personal 30 minute confidence clearing call with me

Most importantly you get to say goodbye to all the struggles and doubts and walk into your full, divine Goddess status.

This course is valued at $14,997. 

This is an 8 week program. Because it’s in Beta version, you get it for only $1,997.

Refunds: I do not offer refunds.

This course is for you if you’re truly ready to go to the next level in life and you’re willing to shift your way through with no excuses.

This course is not for you if you don’t believe in yourself.

If you have a strong desire to acquire wealth, live your best life full of joy and happiness, and serve fellow mankind along the way then this course is totally for you.


  • Money wants to work with you.  Money wants to serve you.
  • 💵 Money is always trying to make its way into your life. 💵
  • Money to be a friend, partner, resource and ally to you.When you shift your mentality, energy, and expectation around money…. you shift the dynamics around how money works for you.
  • It’s time to allow, receive and open up the natural flow of money.
If you’re interested the payment button is at the top of the screen. Payment plans are available.  CLICK HERE to Inbox me on Facebook for that info. 

If you believe you don’t have the time to take this course I can guarantee you that you’ll be in the same place next year or worse.  This stuff doesn’t get easier until you figure it out.

Enrollment ends on February 15th. 


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