Become The Man


Are you searching for love in your life? Do you keep getting friend zoned when you find the girl you really want?

Are you super smart, sometimes called a genius, and have trouble getting girls to take you serious?

Do you have a desire in your heart, to marry your dream girl?  Do you know like you know that God has a special woman reserved just for you?

Are you a sapiosexual and a woman's intellect is important to you?

Would you like to find out the Top 3 Reasons, why you keep getting friend zoned, and finally get the dream girl you really want?

Would you like to increase your influence so that you are able to network with more high quality and high value women, who appreciate you for being you?

Do you want to bring in consistent income in your business, get more leads, learn how to write, improve your money mindset AND get the healing you need to capture the woman of your dreams?

Would you like to increase your frequency and be around high vibe souls?

Would you like to be invited to yearly parties that boast the most brilliant, most beautiful, heart centered, SINGLE, spiritual boss chicks in the world?

Working with Kissy 1 on1 will not only heal your life, but it will

  • increase your confidence
  • improve your writing
  • raise your frequency
  • double your income
  • learn what women like
  • attract divine women who want to submit to you
  • balancing your feminine and masculine energies
  • increase your social media following and attract high quality people in your life
  • help you transcend deeper into enlightenment
  • getting in deeper alignment with your soul's purpose
  • help you get closer to God and operate in flow.
  • bring more joy and freedom in your life
  • heal your heart
  • allow you to vibrate on the frequency of soulmate love
  • find a Queen who brings more fun into your life

In order to attract a woman who displays humility in the heart, is caring, speaks to the King in your, believes in you, is super sexy, maybe even knows how to twerk a little, cause she's a freak in the bedroom, but a lady in the streets; then you have to step your intellect game up, your charm up, and know how to move. It's chess not checkers, when you want to land a beautiful, spiritual boss chick.

You want a woman that makes moves, and intellectually delights you. You want her to be soft and sweet, and maybe bake a little, but if not, you got her.  You're not looking for maid. You're looking to meet your life partner.

You're ready to start a family, build a legacy, buy a home, maybe even a mansion, upgrade to a better luxury car. You want to travel the world. See exotic locations, and partake in all of the beautiful things, people, and sights around the world.

You have places to go and people to see.  You are being called to do great things.

You're ready to meet your sacred soulmate, to do all of the thing with.  You've been doing it on your own so far. But you know that Eve was created to help Adam tend to the garden by inspiring him, motivating him, being his muse, and saying all the right sweet words to him, that keep him in alignment with his purpose.

Sometimes you find yourself living the storyline that dealing with a woman will mess up your life, like Eve did when she gave Adam the apple.

You're at this place where you want a mate, but you also want to work and fulfill your purpose.  You've tried to fit girls into your plan, but none of them have fit in thus far, and the ones you want, tend to friend zone you. Or somehow you seem to be friends with all of the great girls, while looking for another girl....

You are being called to change your life, by BECOMING THE MAN that gets the girl, who loves you in every way, supports you, submits to you, is sugar and spice, not basic, she's not a push-over, she knows what she wants and goes after it.

Work with me and get the spiritual boss chick of your dreams.  This is a 1 on 1 course.


Meet some of Kissy's million dollar clients: 

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