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If you take a few seconds and look at the different aspects of your life – your love life, your health, your level of prosperity and abundance, your family and community, your spirituality – what do you see?

You see that you don’t have what you want in all or some of those areas.


Do you feel fully satisfied, fulfilled and self-expressed in all of these areas?

Or when you look at your money situation, weight or relationship status for example, do you feel like you’re stuck…

And, unsure of what decisions to make or actions to take next, to bring about lasting change in this area so that you can create a more stress-free, happy, balanced life overall?

Do you desire to live a more stress-free, happy, balanced life overall,  yet you have a habit of:  

  • Starting things and not finishing
  • Feeling Overwhelm
  • Not knowing where to start or what to do next
  • Constantly focusing on money and fearing it may run out or stop
  • Feeling that money is hard to make that that you have to work hard for it. 
  • Not knowing your full purpose 
  • Having a slight lack of confidence in your capabilities
  • Fear of making the wrong decision, so you make no decision
  • Fear of what other people may think of you 
  • Being unclear on how to accomplish your goals  
  • Not being able to make a decision

If you answered yes to a majority of these questions, then it’s time for you to set everything else aside and have a listen. We’re about to have a boss talk.

Imagine waking up every day knowing you have  your very own mentor who helps keep you focused and in action toward making your most inspiring dreams and desires your reality…

And imagine all around you, being surrounded by a community of positively-charged goal setters who cheer for you, inspire you and are quick to jump in to help you during the times you need it the most…

So that lack of clarity, motivation or “bad days,” become things of the past as you barrel full steam ahead toward any goal you set for yourself, and achieve it in record time to the amazement of you, your family and friends.

Imagine the confidence you’d feel, knowing at the core of your being, that you now have accountability and so much forward momentum, that you literally can’t help but succeed at whatever goal you set your mind to.

The Top 3 Things That Stop 99.9% of People From Achieving Happiness & Freedom:

  • Not having a clear goal in mind
  • A lack of focus and direction
  • And most importantly, lack of SUPPORT

But it’s deeper than that…  At this point you’re tired of pushing to make sh*t happen.  You’re tired of spending all of your time working, and having very little fun. 

Daily I see a woman signing up for school and I simply click the like button like everyone else. I love supporting people in their dreams and goals. Yet inside I know that’s not the way to personal freedom.

If it was, a woman like me who got pregnant in high school, was raised in poverty, and had to figure things out on her own, wouldn’t be able to say she’s made multiple 6 Figures working for herself, from her own home.  Self-educated in things that truly matter.  Like not punching anyone’s clock and setting my own schedule. Being able to buy what I want, when I want.  Showing up online, speaking my mind, cause whose going to report me to my  supervisor, when I don’t have one?

I went from broke, to making 6 Figures overnight, by quantum leaping and becoming my future self.  You don’t look for money, but instead you attract it by becoming the version of success you want to be.

The life you want isn’t in a book, it isn’t in another degree. It’s in your mind. The mind that’s begging you to free yourself and follow your heart’s desires. 

The education you get from school will contribute to you believing that you have to work hard for money and study things you don’t need..  Meanwhile the wealthy study how to master their craft.

The harder you work for money the longer it will evade you. The less you care about things the easier it is to acquire. The more you vibrate on the frequency of money, the more it shows up in your life. 

At one point I made $140,000 a year. Doing a little of what I wanted and a little of what other people wanted. Each time doing what others wanted, a piece of my soul felt drained.  Then one day I decided to do what I wanted each day… And the money doubled. Yup, just like that. That’s how life works.  And I sense you know this. 

So why do you keep going right, following the crowd who is no more happy and free than you are.   Have you noticed the people going left are the happy ones?  They stopped following the crowd a long time ago. 

I’ve been in millionaire mastermind groups with doctors, lawyers, MLM stars who’ve made $100 Million a year.  Each person reached an income ceiling that they couldn’t get past. Each one felt unfulfilled and wanted more. 

But here you are, on the same path… A path to nowhere land. Going no where fast. Welcome to the hamster wheel….

You want more, and you think money is the answer. The answer is your mindset. The right one brings money to you as a reward for being you. Not for working hard. But for feeling like you’re worthy of everything you’d like to receive. 

The truth is the only thing that’s going to get you to that happy place with lots of freedom that you’ve chased your entire life is altering your mindset and beliefs.  Your current beliefs are holding you back into your current reality.  If you don’t believe me just keep going the way you are… You’ll be in the same place this same time next year.  Except you’ll be even more tired, and drained. Lots of tears.. More fears.. More studying, trying to figure it out alone… 

But you could in this moment, make a decision to breathe.

Step to the homeplate. Batter up, you’ve hit it to first base a thousand times.  But then there’s second base and third, even a home run or two. . Rarely have you ever struck out, if you have you don’t remember. It was a choice to stop.  You’ve imagined many times knocking it out the ball park. Batting all the way to glory! 

What’s stopping you? Those pesky limiting beliefs, like you have to do A. B. C. and D. to make money, instead of saying “I love this. THIS is how I’m going to make money TODAY.”

It’s a must that you tell the Universe what you really want. To pull your manifestations out of the vortex. 

Settling will never make you happy. You’re not asking for too much. You’re being pulled to fulfill you soul’s desires.  

You can have, the life of your dreams, the bentley, the exotic vacations. The hotel stay at the Burj in Dubai. The house, the fans, the followers, the first class flights. Freedom… All of the rewards of answering the call of your soul.

But you’re waiting, procrastinating, crying about…it’s too hard. You show up, peak your head out. Wave to your followers on Facebook. You promise you’re doing big things, and that it’s coming soon.  The next day and the next day, you wake up and polish the sign. Tidy it up, to keep it shiny. But where is the prosperous business you swore you were creating?

And next year, you’ll be polishing that same sign, saluting yourself, knowing you want more, knowing you should be doing more. But you’re stuck on the hamster wheel. Tired. So tiring. You’re over it already.

Yet you won’t do what you must. Step forward. Find clarity. Believe that business is yours today! 

Instead you go scared, back in the box. Scared to let others see the new you. The one who deep down is fed up, sick and tired, exhausted of being anything less that a boss chick who travels the world and does what she wants, whenever she feels like. 

Back to going online looking at that Bentley. Posting Facebook pictures saying you took a photo of someone else’s Bentley. Ha, Ha, HA! It’s really not even funny to you anymore. You’re trying to manifest it. you’re even putting in action. But it’s not aligning…. 

Head above water, swimming on top, but barely. You’d prefer to float, on a boat… Not even a regular boat. You want to float on a yacht. Party Hearty! If only your money were right, and you had the freedom and the wealth to attract rich friends and live your best life. 

If you want your dream life then you must be willing to walk away from every part of your mindset that does not serve you and the people too.  Bring the lion out. 

Some people will read this and already start telling themselves they don’t have time, school is more important. Believing they’ll find the answers in a book.  While those who want a shortcut hire a mentor, get out their comfort zone and coast into their dream life. 

Really? I’ve heard it all. Aren’t you tired of playing small, of not having it all? Of not being able to ball, like you want?  I mean you’re comfortable right now, doing better than others. But you’re scared the money will run out

I know, cause I used to be there too. Until I conquered my limiting beliefs, stopped caring what others thought of me, came up with a bold plan aligned with my purpose, and showed up with pure clarity of being 100% freaking me! I don’t care what you think. Get on my level! Holla if you hear me. Getting all jazzy, and then quiet, cause I got my spirit right.  

Me, myself and I is all I got till the end. ~ Beyonce 

Nobody can do this for you, but you. To make the right decision. To choose to stop playing victim, to stop wondering when it will be your time. The time is now. 

You can keep thinking about your best life all you want, and continue to hope that someday it will magically manifest. Not this time baby. This level requires you get your mind right before the manifestation appears.  This time you need a system, strategy and aligned action. 

This time boundaries, putting yourself first, energy, and abundance has to be at the top of your list. It’s time to say Phuck This! I WANT MORE! AND I’M GOING TO GET IT! 

Warrior Queen roar. as you coast smoothly into the joy, the freedom, of relaxing, at your desk, checking receipts of all of your boss chick sales. Clarity of what you really freaking want. Your desires and not the wants, beliefs and desires that someone else laid upon you. 

Time to back up all those cheers you get and make ish happen! Playtime is over Sis! Success is calling your name. It’s wants you bad. But how badly do YOU WANT IT?

Are you ready to speak your truths? To show up? TO SHOW OUT. To stop giving in to your own excuses. To do what you know you must! Make a decision…to win. To be 100% You.  To walk away from everything that does not serve you..

To use perfection to serve you, instead of holding you back. To get things done, and make it perfect later. 

Ready for change. To change your mindset, alter your beliefs to match a successful frequency. To receive, everything you came here for. To be consistent, persistent, and laser focused. 

What would it look like to actually be the dope, successful human being that you know you are? What if you wrote that book you wanted to write? What if you’re speaking on stages and driving the luxury car you want, while still being brilliant, amazing and absolutely fabulous?

This is exactly what 8 WEEKS TO SUCCESS : MINDSET RESET is all about. It  was designed to help you define what success means to you, unleash your confidence and to develop a rapid, actionable plan for achieving great success.

This is 8 weeks of shifting your mind and finding out what’s holding you back. A mission to channel your highest self.


During our weeks together, your virtual program will also include:

Weekly Group Meetings

Power Success Knowledge – Intention, Goals, Affirmations and Intuitive, Inspired Action…

You’ll learn the #1 thing that you absolutely MUST do before you ever try to set an intention or a goal – and this is so important! Skip this step, you’ll find that trying to move towards your #1 goal will be like walking through quicksand wearing concrete boots.

Daily Success Rituals That Only Take Up 15 Minutes of Your Day.

Visualization and how to stay on a positive frequency

Weekly Videos and Free PDF’s

Private Members Only Facebook Group and being able to interact with members 24/7.

Inside the members forum, you’ll also have direct access to me, your coach! I’ll be in there answering your questions and making sure you’re moving forward towards your #1 goal, and giving you divine motivation and confidence.

Access to private group full of people who will support your dreams and goals.

Once per month video group call.

In Module 2, you’ll checkover why “taking action” does not have to mean there’s hard work to be done or lots of effort to be made – and how thinking this way can actually work AGAINST you, taking you further away from achieving your goals! This is absolutely true, and in this module, I’ll prove it to you.

Can you imagine what you could accomplish if you were simply bold, and brave enough to show up in the world as a confident person who knows who you are?

At the end of this course, you will experience 7 major transformations in  your life.


  • Define your purpose and have a clear plan of where you are going in life and how to get there.
  • Develop successful habits, eliminate procrastination & invest your time productively.
  • Understand limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering thoughts.
  • Develop an increased level of confidence in your abilities to acquire the life of your dreams.
  • Have a better understanding of how to make money and eliminate the stress of worrying about how to get it. 
  • Have a renewed sense of self and enjoyment for life.
  • Dive deeper into spirituality and understand how it’s attached to your success.
  • Knowing the top 10 Habits of extremely successful people.
  • Stop getting crap out of life, and actually get what you want. 
  • Elimination of a great deal of stress and worry. 

If you know you’re meant to achieve great success, yet simply can’t seem to figure it out, this course is for you.

If you’re simply tired of not knowing what to do next, and being unclear about your decisions, this course is for you.

This course is a beta program, for a lucky 25 people. 

It took me thousands of dollars and over a decade to learn this information. The tuition for this course is  $2,997.

However if you take inspired action right now, the early bird special is only $249

There are no refunds, as the course works, but I can’t guarantee that you are going to show up for yourself. 

As a bonus you will receive 12 month Access to my FULL teachable course: 30 Days To Raising Your Self-Esteem  ( This is the updated video version Teachable Course valued at $497)

TIME: This course can be taken in your own free time. If you feel that you don’t have time to take it, you’ll stay stuck. Simple as that. (I sort of dislike no one tells people this. You only find this out after you get a mentor.) I urge you to take action and not spend another 5 years of your life living the same year over and over again. All too often I look around and see people still in the same place they were last year, because they don’t get it… They don’t get the help they need. 

My clients tend to be tired after years of busy-work that didn’t get them to where they wanted to be in life.  They seek out a solution, not excuses. Lions and eagles…

I’m all about RAPID PROGRESS.  

This is an online course held inside a private Facebook group to make it more intimate.  A space to get your questions answered.  All live events will be available in the group for instant replay. All course materials will also be available in the group, to be viewed at your convenience.  

Early Registration is closed. The price of this course is now $2,400.  

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  1. Cerissa L

    Kissy Denise really motivated me to take the steps necessary to getting my life on the track I want and not just living on auto pilot. I bought and read books for the 1st time in my adult life (shameful I know but it’s water under the bridge at this point) because of her advice. She gives you what you need to hear in a way that really connects. I truly feel that before chatting with her my life was at a standstill, she helped me see the strength in my struggle that I viewed as a weakness and has helped propel me further in my journey. I’m forever blessed to have come into contact with her.

    I highly recommend her course.

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