IG MakeUp Millionaire Supa Cent Gets Marriage Proposal From Her Boyfriend RayzoЯ Breaux After She Bought Him A House

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In the age of Instagram millionaires, many black women are upgrading their men by buying them expensive luxury cars, large plots of land land, and property to go with it too.

The latest woman to join the trend is Instagram make-up millionaire Supa Cent.  While celebrating their first dating anniversary, Supa surprised her boyfriend Ray with land and also hired an architect and a construction crew to build her man his dream house. What’s more romantic than this gesture?

Ray is probably giving Supa Cent some multiple orgasms via MTO News;

Supa Cent is getting married y’all – but not before buying her soon to be husband a brand new house, and paying for it 100%.

Supa Cent, real name Raynell Steward, is the creator and founder of The Crayon Case Cosmetics. She is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and a social media star. As such, she has a huge following on most social sites including YouTube, and Instagram.

But while her career has always been flying high . . . her personal life hasn’t.

But for the past year, she’s been dating a man named RayzoЯ Breaux, who calls himself an “entrepreneur” and an “event curator.”

As a 1 year anniversary present Supa Cent bought RayzoЯ a brand new house. Actually it’s better than that. She bought him 2 acres of prime land in Louisiana. She also hired an architect and a construction crew to build her man his dream house. Wow.


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According to rumors, Supa Cent spent more than $650K on the first-anniversary gift to the love of her life Ray.

Super Cent engaged

Ray then proposed, which is a very smart thing for any man to do, when he has a woman that’s going to give him everything.


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Supa’s ex was caught cheating on her… He blamed her on social media and = Supa was quick to give her response and it’s safe to say that she was less than pleased after reading what Lou wrote. Implying that Lou is too broke to take her to court, Supa said in a video shared on her page, “How are you going to take me to court, Louis? What address you’re gonna use Louis? What ID you’re gonna use Louis? How are you gonna pay for these court fees Louis?”

Kissy's Thoughts

I actually hate giving my opinion on pieces like this. There is going to be a feminine aspect, then there is going to be the other.

It’s a beautiful thing what Supa did for her man. Most boss chicks have really big, beautiful hearts, and very little understanding of  man’s psychological DNA. We’re happy to see her thriving and happy.  She works hard in life and deserves to experience real love.

So many boss chicks want to give their man her heart, body, mind, soul, her money and her dog too. They want to give a man everything.. Oftentimes they are better men than the men they date. These women actually become the dream man they always wanted.

In situations like Supa’s this usually ends in the man taking from her and leaving her for a woman he can provide for. Or even more, cheating with a woman that he can provide for.

Mary J Blige got took, Sherri Shepard, Britney Spears, Adele, Kenya Moore’s husband is currently trying to take half of her house in divorce court, just to name a few.

No matter how much we hear the truth, most women believe ourselves to be special, and that it won’t happen to us.

Of course a man is smart to marry such a woman.  But way too often these women serve as financial and influential come-ups.

These attractive men get tired of working hard and latch on to a hard working woman by seducing every part of her. Becoming her dream man, in everything except finances.

Over-giving major gifts to a man weighs heavy on many men. It’s best to never outgive your man and stay in your feminine.  Ray was smart to buy a small home and add Supa’s name on the deed first. Baby, that’s chess and not checkers!

But in this case, we’re simply going to wish for a happy ending for this woman. May history not repeat itself and the love lasts, without taking from her.

P.S. Her wedding is going to be goals!

I suggest everyone get this book, You Can’t Force A Man To Value You – Becoming A High Value Woman & Attracting Your Dream Man. 

I wrote it cause I too love giving gifts and used to buy men everything and didn’t understand what I was doing wrong.

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