Brand, Influence, Dominate & Build a Powerful 6 Figure Social Media Empire

use social media to manifest your dream life

Become A 6-7 Figure Dream Life Influencer

Do Any of These Describe You?

  • You know in your heart, that God has more for you than where you are now?   

  • You feel destined to impact, help, heal, uplift, and change lives?

  • You feel called to speak on a worldwide platform, like Oprah?
  • You’ve overcome obstacles that others may have committed suicide over.
  • You have million dollar dreams, and a desire to build generational wealth, yet struggle to manifest it?

  • You already help those around you to find solutions?

  • You’re already making 6 Figures taking over corporate America and ready to quit your job, but don’t know how to start an online business?
  • You seem to attract attention easily?

  • You are a multi-passionate writer or heart-centered soul, with many gifts, skills and abilities, yet you don’t now which one to choose or where to start.

  • You feel overwhelmed, frustrated, confused and lacking when it comes to how to build a brand on social media… You don’t know what to post, when to post, what to say, or do?

  • You’re afraid to show up on video?
  • You’re great at teaching, but not so great at the marketing, and you want help learning how to get your name “out there” and dominate your industry…

  • You desire abundance, balance and mass success in life?

  • You feel anxious and worried about finding your purpose, how to create profit from it and build a new business?

  • You are a go getter. If someone would just give you a strategy and step by step instructions to make it happen, you know you’ll be successful? 

  • You want an already established and proven blueprint and become someone, who is paid your worth…

  • You desire to leave a legacy, while helping to change lives, and support philanthropic causes, all while feeling deeply fulfilled, and being financially stable…
  • You’re awesome AF and ready to live in your purpose?
  • You want the freedom to travel the world, take vacations with your spouse/kids and do as you please, when you please…
Kissy Denise
Kissy Denise - The Masterpiece | Branding For Millionaires

Business is business, but what separates a 7 Figure or multi six figure business from the flock of fledging businesses is BRANDING. 

Powerful branding sets individuals like Oprah apart and companies like Nike & McDonalds.  Greatness is something you are born with but becoming a legend takes strategy and branding to stay on the hearts of consumers and impact them in the way only you can.  You must lead, dominate and Influence your industry in order to stand out and be paid your worth. 

Why do all the work of  explaining yourself to people or putting out lowball offers to appease tire kickers,  or people who don’t appreciate value, when you can let your brand speak and do all of the heavy lifting for you; attracting go getters, before you even get on a call to do business? 

The truth is Bosses respect Bosses and most of the best Bosses brand themselves properly.

Kissy Denise is the most talked about Celebrity Branding Expert in the world. Rather you are starting from scratch or rebranding to go to the next level, Kissy’s years of social media expertise, combined with her spiritual knowledge yields powerful magnetic brands of influence for her clients. 

When You Become A Dream Life Influencer, you can expect to:


  • Live A Life of Abundance

  • Use Social Media To Manifest The Life You Dream About

  • Increase Your Social Media Engagement

  • Become a Leader In Your Industry

  • Stand Out Amongst The Crowd

  • Learn a content creation strategy that suits your brand

  • A proven system that will help your clients to experience incredible breakthrough

  • A 12-week curriculum personally developed by Kissy Denise  to help you scale to a six and seven-figure brand.

  • How to use your unique spiritual gifts, skills, interests, and passions to create services and products in the global marketplace

  • More joy, laughter and ease

  • Understand your power to control your life and never have to face the dread of getting up going to work again.

  • Learn how to create and market premium coaching courses and programs that sell

  • Get access to professionals who will help you with every area of your business in your own professional coaching practice  

  • Connection to the Millionaire Mindset Tribe and private Facebook group of entrepreneurs, coaches, and experts for ongoing support and friendships that continue long after you are certified

  • Inclusion in the Kissy Denise Dream Life Media Team for valuable referable opportunities

  • Extended discounts on Dream Life products, retreats, events, trainings, and online programs – for continuing education

  • Invitations to annual retreats and events with Kissy and her team of experts – exclusively for Dream Life clients.

Join the exclusive group of powerful, magnetic, brilliant, positive, uplifting, heart-centered, wealth-conscious, spiritually evolved, Dream Life Influencers who are transforming lives all around the world.


Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. ~ Napoleon Hill

Module One

Brand Clarity: Amplifying The Vision & Plotting Bold Direction This is where we get clear on your goals and dreams and give you a 10X strategy in order to produce maximum success and rapid results

Module Two

Creating Your WOW Factor: This is where we show you how to woo your audience and magnetically attract followers who love to buy your products and services.

Module Three

Launch Your Platform: Developing Brand Affluence. This is where we show you how to create not only Influence, but Affluence, so that YOU can charge more as a stand out leader, in your industry.

Module Four

Using Social Media To Manifest Your Dream Life: This is where we show you how to create multiple wealth product strategies for longterm growth of your brand's empire.

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Kissy Denise has been featured on BET, Huffington Post, TMZ and many other international brands and websites.

Kissy Denise reviews

Client Reviews

Kissy Denise has changed the lives of hundreds of people over the years.

Kissy Denise Review
Eugene Lexing
I had the honor to sit down with Kissy 1 on 1 and learn about everything on how to build and run a successful blog from Kissy, she's the reason I started my blog, and now have almost a half Million followers.The program Kissy has started will help you grow trust me!!! I am very appreciate for the tough love Kissy gave me, in getting me to accomplish such a major goal. After it's all said and done it's well worth it I appreciate what I've learn from Kissy. She changed my life. Thank you Kissy!!​
Eugene Lexing III
Sports Blogging Extraordinaire
Kissy would get a 10 star review if that were possible. I used her consulting services to help me get through a difficult situation, and while it was very difficult Kissy helped me through it. I would highly recommend her.
This woman is amazing! God sent her here specifically to help people, and to heal them. After my first conversation with Kissy, I hung up the phone feeling more confident than I’d felt in years, more aware, and I knew I had the tools and the power to change my life! We touched on so many topics & she was very thorough with each one. I’ve had two professional psychologists tell me that I have to “revisit” my childhood trauma in order to heal it, but they never told me “how”. Kissy walked me through it, step by step. She taught me the importance of mirror work & affirmations, and gave examples to back up what she was saying. She asked me exactly what I wanted, and told me how to manifest it. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with her, and watching the life I’ve always dreamt about, come into fruition. Thank you so much, Kissy! ❤️
Teresa Cole
Founder CEO, Word To Mama

Are You Ready To Live The Life Of Your dreams & Help Others Achieve Their Dream Along The way?

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” ~ Napoleon Hill (Author of Think & Grow Rich)


Questions you may have?

Who Is This Course For? Whether you want to grow an existing business, start a new one, or simply reach more people, the K.I.S.S.Y. method will help you:

  • Build a Captivating Brand
  • Identify & Establish Your Unique Expertise
  • Create Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Master Facebook Algorithm
  • Master Video & Live Streaming
  • Increase Profits With Organic Traffic
  • Attract Your Ideal Client or Niche
  • Attract Your Ideal Customer
  • Stand out as a leader in your field 
  • Create Engaging Content 
  • Elimination from the fear of what others think of you.  
  • Removal of the fear of being social media bullied.
  • Create an automated system to bring in more sales.
  • Build a Platform to springboard your purpose and passions
  • Set the Foundation for a Solid, Ever-Scaling Business
  • Learn a Formula for Making Sales without “Selling”
  • Generate Testimonials That Sell Your Products For You
  • Maximize Your Social Media & Gain Quality Followers
  • Blueprint Your Online Business 

i want this.
I'm Done procrastinating!



If you’re an experienced business owner and want to stand out in your industry, and want to become the #1 choice in your market…this is for you.

If you’re just starting out your business and want a solid clear direction, and want a winning formula to follow and succeed…this is for you.

If you’ve been in business for a while, but are spinning your wheels, and you want to get some traction on your ideas,  and get paid for being your authentic self…this is definitely for you.

If you want to be seen as a trustworthy, professional person in the marketplace, without having to be stiff or pretend to be something you’re not,  this is for you.

If you want to get paid big money for the things you’re naturally best at…this is for you.

Kissy Denise is known for being the top Dream Life strategist in the world. Basing her coaching principles on Love & Abundance.  

Being brought up in poverty, surviving abusive relationships and learning that she’s a savant capable of not only obtaining mass success for herself, but also having a proven track record of showing her clients how to achieve their 6 or 7 figure dreams, Kissy’s gift of changing lives is already leaving a legacy on the world. 

She shows clients that their best life is achieved through balancing each area of their life, and not just money and business.  By applying the Law of Abundance in soul-led business along with an advanced social media strategy, Kissy has helped clients literally achieve the life of their dreams.  

She does’t believe in settling and believes with hard work and dedication anyone can live their best life now. 

NOW is always the best time to start. 

Kissy Standing


Kissy Denise’s Dream Life INFLUENCER Branding equips you with every tool you need to turn your business into a followed, fawned-over, money-making powerhouse.

Inside this program you will:
Build a brand that gets seen, heard, and paid – even if you don’t have an engaged audience, yet.

Become a master storyteller that people want to listen to – even if your story sounds just like everyone else’s.

Define the look and feel of your brand – even if you have NO design background.

Connect the right marketing systems and strategies to your brand story – even if you’re “technology challenged”.
Move from “just doing” to strategic action – even if you only have minutes (not days!) to implement each month.

Become recognized for the unique experience your company creates – and the clear brand leader – for your dream clients.

Dream Life Coach


Life is all about love, family, people and purpose. 

You did not come this far just to ask someone else for vacation time to enjoy your life or have to ask permission to take off work to take your kids to a Doctor appointment.  You have purpose inside of you that will lead you to a life of freedom in choice and finances, on top of being able to change lives. 

How long are you going to wait? The perfect day will never come, unless you make today the perfect day to change your life and do what your soul is calling you to do.  You see that’s the secret people don’t tell you. YOU taking ACTION creates the perfect circumstances for the achievement of your desired manifestation. 

Build your brand, bring in more profit, and live the life of abundance you deserve.  All it takes is a DECISION.  A decision to walk past fear and say YES to yourself. Say YES to your future and do what no one in your family generation has done before you.

This is how you make ish happen in your life!

You think it’s too crowded. You don’t know how to stand out. You see hundreds of people selling the same thing as you. But no one can do what you can do from your soul. Your message is your message that only you can deliver to the world. You are just that YOUnique.  But you must CHOOSE to step out, and step into the role of your higher self.  Waiting is costing you money.  Around this same time next year, you could be throwing a retreat in Bali for millionaires. But if you wait to turn your words, work, gifts and expertise into profit, you’ll lose thousands of dollars and continue to watch those who believe in themselves level up and monetize their message. 

This journey is full of twists and turns. You can definitely do it yourself, but chances are trying to use Google to start your business will have you stuck like chuck. 

Instead allow me hold your hand and show you the way to turn your message into message, and turn your pain into joy, purpose and prosperity.  It’s time for those with good hearts to earn profit. 

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