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Side chick shot on Facebook Live after exposing the man she was sleeping with [video]

Rannita Williams


Side chick shot on Facebook Live after exposing the man she was sleeping with [video]

Rannita Williams

This week I’m on vacation, but had to bring you this story that is sure to go viral. It won’t be extensive like my normal posts… But you will still however know the outline of the crime. 

SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) – A shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana, has left a woman dead and a police officer wounded.

Shreveport Police spokesman Cpl. Marcus Hines tells news outlets officers responded to a report of shots fired at a home about 10:45 a.m. Thursday. Preliminary information suggests 36-year-old Johnathan Robinson and police exchanged gunfire and bullets struck an officer in the wrist.

Robinson holed up inside the home for more than an hour before surrendering. That’s when authorities discovered Rannita Williams inside the home with at least one bullet wound. University Health spokesman Bill Strother tells The Times that Williams was dead when she arrived at the hospital.

Robinson was jailed on charges of second-degree murder and convicted felon in possession of a firearm. Police say he was moved to another jail after he broke an overhead shower sprinkler and ripped a phone off a wall.

According to a Facebook post Rannita was murdered for exposing herself as Jonathan’s sidechick. He murdered her while she was on Facebook live.  During the video Jonathan can be heard saying he doesn’t care if the police comes.

Rannita Williams

Rannita Williams

Click here to see the video part of the post. (It’s not embeddable).

Rannita had no idea she was about to be murdered.


This is crazy and really sad.

He killed her despite the fact that HE was the one cheating. Not to mention she was the side chick to some hood dude, which makes absolutely no sense. All she was getting was sex… If a man isn’t paying all of your bills, upgrading you and keeping you in a cushy lifestyle, being his sidechick is simply desperate.  Regardless of the choice you decide to make, just know it’s better to have your own man, than to be a side anything. Always be #1, and if he tricked you into being an unknown #2 and you find out after you’re already in love, decide to love yourself more than you love him. Do it by walking away and not looking back.

Prayers for the family.

UPDATE: “Friends” of Rannita say the story is all wrong.

According to Dstiny Bell who commented under the Kissy Denise Facebook post, Rannita was killed for a different reason.

“They love reporting the wrong thing Rannita Williams and Johnathan Robinson was once a couple Johnathan went back to Ricka the one he had years with etc and Rannita spoke up a n*gga will luv doing his dirt until it catch up it was love still there so she wasn’t just a side chick, Bell wrote, along with the below photo.”


Another “friend” also commented with her version of the story, and it looks like Jonathan’s girlfriend was the person Rannita was talking on the phone with during the video. 

Roshunda Howard wrote:

“She didn’t go live saying they was together he went live with his girlfriend talking about her kids n she responded saying leave her alone she don’t want his ass n that she had moved on he couldn’t take that shot so he drove 5 hours from Houston to Shreveport with this so call main girl came to NuNu (Ranittas )house kicked her door in and made her apologize..”

rannita williams death

Another woman says Johnathan was living a double life.

Below is a recent photo of Jonathan with his “main” chick… As you can see the post is public, so everyone knew they were together. He also has the other girl in his profile pic. 

Johnathan Robinson

But the friend still insists her friend was no side chick.

Lastly, ever since Biggie and Pac died, it is my belief that people should not speak death into their life.

rannita williams death facebook

You can also read more details over at Heavy. Apparently Johnathan was abusive…

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