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Teen kicked girlfriend’s 5-month old baby to death after catching her texting ex-boyfriends and inviting them to her home

Temara Shaniece flint michigan


Teen kicked girlfriend’s 5-month old baby to death after catching her texting ex-boyfriends and inviting them to her home

Tamera Reed

Tamera Reed

A teen kicked his girlfriend’s 5-month-old baby to death, after he caught her texting and cheating with other men

FLINT, MI –   A young mother is one less child, after her significant other found out she was possibly cheating on him.

Police say a 19-year-old Rico Riggs admitted to kicking 5-month-old Jordan Algee Jr. in a fit of rage, causing injuries that led to the baby boy’s death.

A detective testified against Riggs.   “He stated, ‘I lost control, spazzed out and kicked the baby,'” Detective Brett Orvis told a district court judge Thursday.

Jordan Algee Jr.

On March 25, Rico became enraged when he found out the boy’s mother, 23-year-old Temara Reed was sending text messages to ex-boyfriends and having them inside the home, when her boyfriend wasn’t around.

“He had found out that they were coming over when he wasn’t there. He didn’t know their names. He said he found out by going through her phone, Detective Orvis said.

Temara testified in court that Riggs gained access to her phone when she went to the store to get Rico some snacks. She left her phone at home and that’s when Riggs went through it.

Dressed in an orange jail jumpsuit with matching orange jail issued flip flops, a sobbing Temera said,

“All I did was run across the street to the store, and I came back. I didn’t know.”

Temara Shaniece flint michigan

She left her phone at home and that’s when Briggs went through it.

“He got upset and went upstairs angry. That’s when he spazzed out and kicked the covers, losing control. Jordan was laying in the blankets that he kicked. As soon as he kicked the covers Jordan immediately began crying,” Detective Orvis told the court.

When Temera got home the baby was still screaming. She tried rubbing his stomach. Reid and Riggs rushed baby Jordan to McLaren hospital and then he was transported to Hurley Medical Center, where he died Sunday night.

The medical examiner alerted police after it was determined the child suffered from what’s described as “blunt force trauma” to his internal organ. The ME said the injuries was not accidental.

Rico blamed the other baby for the injuries

“Rico was asked how Jordan got his injuries. He said he didn’t know and that if anything happened it had to be the other child, Nyla.

Initially when asked what happened to the baby,  Rico told investigators he didn’t know and that if anything happened, it had to be the other child, Nyla.




Rico went on to change his story multiple times,” Orvis said.

The detective said Reed’s confession finally came after several different accounts from the two of Sunday night at Reed’s home.

Rico Riggs

Rico Riggs

Rico also asked Temara to lie for him. Investigators say Temara lied on multiple occasions during interviews.

“The investigation has lead us to Rico Riggs as the person who inflicted these injuries and caused the baby’s death. The mother has also been charged as an accomplice after the fact and for attempting to thwart the lawful police investigation,” Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said. “We are working diligently to see that justice is served in this heart wrenching case.”

Reed and Riggs both were formally charged in court Thursday.

Temara Reed and Rick Riggs

Rico Riggs is charged with felony murder, first-degree murder, first-degree child abuse, first-degree child abuse committed when another child is present, tampering with evidence and bribing a witness.  The most serious of charges carries a mandatory life without parole sentence.

Temara Reed is charged with third-degree child abuse, tampering with evidence, lying to a peace officer, and accessory after the fact to a felony.

Riggs is reportedly the “significant other” to Reed, but not her boyfriend. They were only dating…

Local day care workers described Jordan as a special and happy child who never quit smiling. #RIPLittleBaby

Jordan Algee Jr.

When these types of crimes occur, you can almost always count on finding friends or family members irate over the news coverage and resulting conversations…

Tiquoiya however, shows there’s a lesson here.

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